NEWS: Oh Baby! KIM O drags truth from Keyshia Cole

(BlackPressRadio) – Some writers are just to good to keep down.
That’s why many keep hoping that one of their favorite hip hop writers will break free of the corporate bull and ink her own syndicated column.
There’s always next year.
For now, fans will have to settle for an occasional article from from excecutive editor Kim Osorio aka Kim O like the one she did recently on R&B sensation Keyshia Cole.
Taking a break from the standard music-oriented questions, Kim O went straight for the goodies asking Miss Cole about her desire to be a mother.
Said Kim O on snagging the interview, “Now, I know Keyshia wasn’t the nicest artist to me when I interviewed her last year, but I have to say that she was much easier to talk to over the phone. She seemed a bit more relaxed, and our conversation started leaning towards relationships, and she started to open up.”
After her failed relationship with Young Jeezy, Cole make it clear to Osorio she’s not giving up on her dreams of love. But it also made it clear that Kim Osorio is a syndicated column waiting to happen.
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