Persia from VH1’s “The White Rapper show” becomes a double victim of Domestic Violence

December 10, 2008—Ulster County, NY. Persia was the biggest sensation on VH1’s 2006 reality series, “The White Rapper Show.” Her only task was battling for the winner’s spot. When she was eliminated leaving behind two contestants, her fan-base declared the reality show over. But in the real world, behind closed doors, the Far Rock, NY native was battling for her life. Entangled in an ongoing domestic dispute with her estranged ex-boyfriend who continuously threatened her life and the life of her family including her mother and six-month old daughter—without the help of law enforcement, Persia protected herself the best way she knew how.

Later that year, Persia (legal name Rachel Murcerino) was pulled over during a routine traffic stop, when officers searched her vehicle and a found a loaded weapon under her front seat. Now facing a three-and-half year prison sentence instead of the six-months promised by her lawyer if she pled guilty, she is asking for her fans’ support once again in an attempt to get her sentence reduced.

“I was involved in an abusive relationship which led to him trying to kill me. I felt I had no choice but to protect myself,” Persia said. Adding salt to an open wound, her assailant was also a police informant, leaving her feeling hopeless and even more vulnerable to his violent attacks.

According to the American Institute on Domestic Violence, “domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women.” Fearing for her safety, she left the abusive relationship only to be stalked by her assailant who continued to threaten her and her family’s lives. The torment went so far as to him boyfriend pouring gasoline besides her mother’s house as a warning if she did not return to him causing her mother to have a heart attack. He was also reported to have called the VH1 network and threatened to expose the winner of the “The White Rapper show” in order to receive money from them.

“I went into hiding but honestly, who can live like that? Someone I know bought me a gun so that I could get from my front door to my car with[out] being attacked or even killed,” Persia stated. According to the American Bar Association, nearly two-thirds of females in the United States were killed with a firearm by their domestic partner or husband in 2002.

Now, after almost two years since her legal encounter, instead of heading to the studio to work on her debut album after inking with a major record label, she is scheduled to appear at the Kingston Court House on December 12, 2008 for sentencing in Ulster County, NY for gun possession.

She is asking her fans and concerned citizens to fax letters or write to the District Attorney’s office requesting that her sentence be reduced taking into consideration she is a victim of domestic violence, a single mother of a six-month old daughter with no priors trying to protect herself and her family. The court case and District Attorney’s information is as follows:

Rachel Mucerino vs. Ulster County

D.Holley Carnright, District Attorney

Ulster County Courthouse

275 Wall Street

Kingston, NY 12401

Phone: 845-340-3280

Fax: 845-340-3185

Persia is currently doing interviews to explain the situation and she ask that you place this story as many places as you can, to assist those going through the same issues currently.

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