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Like many friday night I was at the movied to catch the new movies Notorious. I actually watched the movie twice. I wanted to know was it just me or did they play Lil Kim? Her charater in the film was reduced to a “Jump Off” that Biggie put on. Kim was just his artist and a girl he only knocked off a few times. I understand that the movie was about Biggie and not Biggie and Kim but damn! How much got left on the cutting room floor? After he married Faith in the movie it was like he was done with Kim but at the end of the movie he was calling Kim like he wanted to be more serious about there relationship? I respect the fact that they kept the shooting of Pac true to the story. There are so many versions. If you pay attention closely you notice that Charlie Baltimore makes a brief appearance in the movie during the auto accident. I am not going to even get in the Lil Cease character. The relationship between Biggie and Puffy was almost just business. They weren’t as close in the movie as many have known for them to be. I wonder if Puffy looked at the movie and said to himself “Big could have still been here if I just let him make that call to Tupac or if I didn’t drop the song “Who Shot Ya””? If he didn’t I sure as hell did. I know that everyone in Hip Hop during that time was young. They didn’t know the consequences that were to come of thier choices. The young reporters of the Hip Hop magazines that were reporting the stories never imagined that there words would be so detremental in shaping of the lives of the many involved and the outcome of Hip Hop. I understand that this is a movie and that it was meant not only to be intertaining but to show the love that he had for what he was doing. Don’t get me wrong I am not hating on the movie. Hell I saw it twice that night before I saw “My Bloody Valentine”. I just felt as if there was a lot of the story missing. I would love for the DVD to contain never before seen footage.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It wasn’t just you. The lack of historical clarity and truthfulness caught many viewers off guard. While Notorious was well made and entertaining, it failed to answer any relevant questions that many may have. In fact, it left the viewer with more questions than answers.

    The casting was just flat out lazy. Angela Bassett has been known for astounding acting but lost her Jamaican accent half way through the movie. It made me wanna holler. Derek Luke – who blew us all away in Finding Fisher – couldn’t find his groove in the movie. With the exception of a convincing “Diddy dance,” Luke’s performance was subpar from what we can expect from him. Only Big’s son and Jamal “Gravy” Woolard gave performance that included depth and charisma. Naturi was almost set up in her role of Lil Kim. Even the love making was stilted.

    But, in the end if the goal was to make the audience appreciate Notorious B.I.G., it’s hard to doubt that they succeeded. He was charming and funny – well as far as fathers who abandon their daughters, beat up their mothers and sell crack cocaine to their communities can be.

    In the final analysis, from the unrealistic portrayal of Faith as the loving wife to the slanderous portrayal of Lil Kim to ignoring Charli Baltimore was living with Big at the time of his death the decision to water down Big’s bad boy life was a decision that will forever curse the movie.

    DC Livers,
    Black Press Radio

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