The X-Ecutioners Reunion Tour – North America

Undeniably one of the greatest turntablist crews of all time, New Yorks legends The X-Ecutioners are reuniting exclusively to tour North America. The supremely talented DJs, Grand Master Roc Raida, Rob Swift, Boogie Blind, Total Eclipse and Precision have exclusively come together for this tour and across 5 turntables will leave you speechless with their unbelievable turntable skills of cutting, mixing, scratching and beat juggling.

The X-Ecutioners have led a revolution in DJ wizardry and turntable skills and have raised the bar of the capability of a DJ to mind blowing heights. After a five year hiatus, fans will be blessed to have the unique opportunity to see 5 hip hop legends together on one stage and promise to deliver a show of turntable tricknology and vinyl manipulations that will leave you speechless.

Promoters interested in bringing the X-Ecutioners to your city, please contact Premiere Artists Group for these exclusive dates.


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