Tickemaster and Live Nation Merger Could Mean Higher Ticket Prices!

Since Live Nation and Ticketmaster have announced a merger many have spoken out against it including recording artist Bruce Springsteen. The merger will have Ticketmaster drop its name and take on Live Nation. The merger will value the company at $2.5 billion. Artist’s don’t like the merger because with one company holding majority ticket sales there is no competition. In one report Barry Diller (chairman of Ticketmaster) and Micheal Rapino stated how the believe the merger would benefit fans: “Technology investments would allow for paperless ticketing and afford fans “better access to shows.” It’s unclear, though, what they meant by “better access.” Rapino also said that the combined company would be able to increase attendance at live events, but outside of additional marketing muscle, it’s unclear how fans would suddenly start buying more tickets just because the two companies are now one. And Rapino didn’t elaborate”(Tameka Kee-paidcontent.org). Ticket sales can be increase which can mean very few sold out shows for artists especially with the state that the economy is in at the moment.

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