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As many of you know an Orgasm is the climatic peak that one reaches during sex. Recently I came across a blog post on “
Nakedwithsockon” discussing how men can fake orgasm . This left me with the question “Can Men Have Orgasms”? Its something that I have never discussed nor have I ever heard a man talk about having one. Upon reading the blog I learned that even though a man ejaculates at the end of sex does not mean that he had an orgasm(yes ladies men can fake orgasms that is if they know what one is). “I know the question running though most people’s minds right now is: “Why would a man need to fake it?” Same reason women do, to protect their partner’s feelings. Whenever I talk to my female friends about this topic it always seems to come as a big shock that a woman can be wack in the sack. Despite popular belief, just being there is NOT enough. Just as men can be a lame lay so can the fairer sex” (

Of course after reading the blog I had to do some research of my own. According to Western Sex therapists beliefs a males ejaculation and orgasm are the same thing. Eastern sex therapists believe that men do experience orgasms like women and the orgasm may or may not include ejaculation. This does not mean that their body will convulse and shake like a woman but they do experience something similar. So what does the man experience? According to the information that I gathered a “males penis experiences contractions and pleasurable sensations around the genital area similar in timing and sequence to a females orgasm”.Even after getting this information I still had to find some men that could describe the male orgasm to me because I was still lost in translation. I asked 6 men whether or not they have had an orgasm and could they describe the feeling. These are the comments that I got from some of the men that I know:


Are you talking about coming or something else? IS there something else.


When men hear the term male multiple orgasm they often imagine experiencing orgasm and ejaculation several times in a row (like a female would) But the term male multiple orgasm usually refer to the experience of having several non-ejaculatory orgasms in a row during one session of sex play, which is a different, but intense and satisfying, sexual experience. In laymen’s term it is truly the buildup or the connection of physical to mental being totally aligned at the moment. I truly feel sorry for those who have not yet had one or many – but still think that because they have had a large ejaculation that it equals a Man-gasm – NOT SO – STUPID.
Just because you had a large ejaculation means nothing to that specific topic – maybe you drank a lot of water – to its just been more than five days till your last encounter.

Fella’s for those of you who feel its not cool to totally let go and enjoy the sexual tenderness that your lady can give you – Your fucking missing out!!! If you think that by relaxing and enjoying will deem you as whipped – oh well. Its like this for those of us who put in selfless work to bring our ladies to the point of orgasm- when they reaching for shit that ain’t there, toes curling backwards, speaking in other languages, eyes rolled back and you scared to touch her- Fuck that I want her to make me feel the same way…. So I’ma bout to lay back and get my session on – talk to you lames lata…


I never had one.


A feeling that most men may not talk about often is the same feeling that has allowed us to keep Millions of Women in Love or strung out in Lust. This Feeling is the Male Orgasm…sort of sounds like an Oxymoron lol but yet it is the same feeling that has evoked an “I love you” out of a male in false pretenses during sex or ended one of the worst arguments of the year. Lets cut the games the male orgasm is developing at those moments right before we are about to cum. I say moments and not seconds because a knowledgeable individual can control the actual level and length of this sensation to last long enough to continue the passion. It’s also a warning that the end may be near for the sexual hurricane….or babbling brook that they may be engaged in. Some men may never witness this underrated sensation due to a rush to finish a job in which they are only working to please themselves. On the other hand it is said that” Nice Guys finish last because they make sure that she cums first”. The sexual orgasm leaves a man with a strong sense of accomplishment while glancing over at his woman and noticing her smiling at him as she drifts into slumber. Simply busting a nut is why he is probably out of your crib ladies before you can fix your hair straight again. For Some actually realizing when they are having an orgasm can be about as difficult as achieving one or multiples for his girl. One thing is Sirtainly for sure we can not have those back to back like women…When It has happened it has happened…Although I have realized that Going down on her to Indulge myself in a feeding frenzy, does speed up the time in between for me to continue once again. It’s something about hearing her reach her sexual Climax Once again that just compels me to continue my Civic Duty lol…The real question is how long will I have the passion for her to devote my all to satisfying her…guess that depends on her ability to satisfy me as well.



SCOTTY JThe male orgasm, aka “busting a nut”- honestly isn’t hard to explain but Miss Intro requested and explanation, so I felt obligated to re-investigate the phenomenon over and over again until I could come up with a creditable explanation. Lol! Its almost like you are in the middle of an intense buzz! This high you can feel all over your body! From that place behind your eyes where you can usually feel a migraine headache starting down to your toes! The only problem is the high only lasts for a 3 to 10 seconds tops. The orgasmic feeling can be extended for a few seconds if you find a partner that genuinely loves you the way that it feels when you bust inside of them. I don;y know how to truthfully explain that magic but its crippling. Lol!


A male orgasm is like a roller coaster.


The satisfaction and feeling for a male orgasm is very undescribable, but a numbing feeling of sensation. If your partner does it right she might get breakfast or lunch and a beverage when it is done.


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7 thoughts on “DO MEN HAVE ORGASMS???”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m surprised that a lot of guys are talking 3 to 4 seconds of orgasm !
    I can certainly spend 30 seconds plus in bliss and hard contractions. I think they are focused on the ejaculation part which is far shorter than the orgasm which starts way earlier. The beginning of orgasm is the unbelievable burn, drive, insides pushing outward hang the frigg on feeling which can be extended for 10 seconds or more by relaxing. The rest just keeps coming and coming.
    there is just no way of being able to physically reproduce one back to back and still remain alive.

  2. Anonymous says:

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  3. Mike says:

    My orgasms can be intense but they seldom last longer than 3-4 seconds – and then I have to wait for at least 6 hours to have a follow-up ejaculation. When that happens, and it is rare – the second orgasm is even more brief and much less intense and really not worth the effort.

    I am an active, dominant Gay male – uncircumcised.

  4. Mike says:

    My orgasms can be intense but they seldom last longer than 3-4 seconds – and then I have to wait for at least 6 hours to have a follow-up ejaculation. When that happens, and it is rare – the second orgasm is even more brief and much less intense and really not worth the effort.

    I am an active, dominant Gay male – uncircumcised.

  5. Anonymous says:

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  6. Anonymous says:

    it’s SOOOO good that you posted this and it’s time for sex to NOT just be about men satisfying women. I get sick of that. I’ve been satisfying women by doing exactly as you spoke of, taking time, getting them to the point of orgasm and then intercourse, which gives them a gigantic ORGASM all over a man (that’s a great feeling!) Ladies, throw it back at the men. I just wish more women would take control and “ride” during sex.

    I’m one of those “long strokers” that takes time to enjoy the deep, wet, warm, engulfing grip of the vaginal muscles while allowing the woman to feel every inch, thrust, deep slide, and then give her the L.D. (long dick) where you stroke as deep as possible until she EXPLODES!!!

    When doing the L.D. it’s very possible and enjoyable that both partners will cum at the same time! You wanna do this as often as possible, but switch up your methods leading up to it, THEN lastly give her the L.D. Great results guaranteed!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    damn it is very sexy and a major turn on to read your blogs and your black issue – a women who knows what she wants and how to return the favors the way he wants is an orgasmic fantasy itself.

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