The anticipation of wanting him inside me was so high that I couldn’t control myself and masturbated before he arrived at my suite. I knew the moment when I saw him that neither one of us wouldn’t be able to keep our hands to ourselves yet alone our tongues. This man’s kisses were so passionate and succulent. I don’t know how many times I came in my panties from his moist kisses. The doorbell rang as I was getting myself together. He stepped inside my doorway with his long tall frame. “Damn it!!!!” I said to myself. He kissed me and asked how was my day. As usual he always makes it better when he arrives to sooth the pain away.

He picked me up and carried me to the bedroom. I felt his hardon in his pants. Damn, all I wanted to do was taste it and I couldn’t express it enough. I unzipped his pants and pulled down his boxers and placed his long hard shaft ever so gently inside the wet walls of my mouth. Ummmmm……. precum the best shit and I couldn’t wait to taste more. I slid my tongue around his dick over and over to examine it with my long juicy tongue. We switched positions as I was sitting on the bed. I wanted him to lay down and let me get on top while I worked my magic. I sucked it hard as if my mouth was a suction pump and then relaxed as I threw in the curl of my tongue around his dick. I slid his dick in and out of my mouth and I started to drool on it. It became slippery so I added the right kind of hand action at the base of his dick with the half but light touch of jacking him off action. As I started sucking harder he started squirming and his toes started curling. He pulled my head closer and down harder on his dick and told me he wanted to cum inside me and he wanted me to taste him. I agreed by sucking him harder. He was enjoying it. I lightened up a bit , didn’t want him to have a stroke on me from the intensity of my blow job. I flicked my tongue on it and tried sticking my tongue into the split as much as I could while I massaged his balls and cupped both of them in my mouth while licking his dick. By this time he was ready to explode and I did what any good girl would. I obeyed my man and got on my knees while he stood over me and released every bit of his hard working day into my mouth. As he stood there doing so I just watched him shake and jerk while having fun with the cum in my mouth. He told me I was a good girl for taking every bit and swallowing.(this story was done by submission. If you have a story to submit send to


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    Whose tongue is that long to do all that? You would have a picture to show how she looks too.

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