Closure is what many of us seek at the end of a relationship but many times we are left to wonder what went wrong? We are left to wonder if it was something that you did to them or maybe someone better came along. The feeling of not knowing can be a hard pill to swallow. It can emotionally devastating for some. You have been given you relationship “Pink Slip” but you have no idea WHY?
I fell in love once over a phone call. As simple as that sounds that was all that it took for him to have my heart. What was special about the call was that it was Valentines Day and me and this person had plans for that evening. We spoke that morning but later that evening he was a no show. He did not return any of my calls. I am used to not having a date for Valentines but I thought that this year would be different. As the days went on I became upset because I had not heard from him. By weeks end I received a call from an inmate in a correctional facility. It was him. He called to tell me that he didn’t stand me up but that he got caught up in a situation with some people and he wanted me to know that. He didn’t want anything from me nor did he want me to do anything for him. He simply wanted me to know that I was that special to him. It was just that simple I received that closure that I needed to move on. I no longer had as feeling of rejection or inadequacy. As far as our relationship we still remain good friends and he is no longer in a correctional facility. His stay was not even that long. Our lives however were moving in different directions so a real relationship was not to be had. As I had found closure in the previous relationship there is one that I have not yet to find closure. I had spent days and nights trying to figure out what went wrong. All communication broke down between us. He was someone that I felt was a good friend but apparently I was wrong. It was the perfect relationship without commitment. We would play video games and watch movies (I am a movie and video game enthusiast). Eventually the relationship became physical. I will admit that the physical was amazing! I would have been happy if things stayed as they were but eventually he wanted to be in a relationship. Prior to him I had not been in a serious relationship in 2 years so I was hesitant. One of the things that made me hesitant was that fact that he was a rapper and I am aware of the temptations in that he has and would face in that career but also we stayed in two hours away from each other. He was very persistent, eventually I decided that being in a relationship with him would not be so bad after all. The day that I wanted to give him his answer I called and got no answer. I sent him a text to call me and I left a message but I got no answer. The next day I spoke to a mutual friend that told me that my friend no longer wanted to be bothered with me because “I” was pressuring him to be in a relationship. The only thought that came to my mind was “Wow”. The first conversation of a relationship came from his lips. I was perfectly content with the way that things were. I never got a chance to speak with him again because he would not take my calls or respond to any of the text messages that I sent. I just wanted to know what the real problem was. To this day I have never spoken to this person again and the most conversation that we have had after the fact was a “How are you” on Myspace. What makes it hard for one to bring another party closure is because you don’t want to hurt their feelings. But one may not be aware that they do more damage by leaving the person in a state of not knowing. I have recently had partners in previous relationships approach me to explain why they left. They felt the need to tell me after all of these years is because they felt that they needed a sense of closure for themselves.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the Article,I Definantly will pass it on to others!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love it’s something you have to make and you must use your imagination to make it too just like anything else- “Joyce Carey”

    keep going good job

  3. Anonymous says:

    WOW,sorry that happened to you but it happens to EVERYBODY.I suggest that maybe one day, yes ALL OF US should take the opp. to find/locate someone WE may have had strong feelings for & give them closure also.Like you said “The feeling of not knowing can be a hard pill to swallow”.(but what if HE or SHE just wasn’t that in to you then what?) GROW UP! thats life ,dont you just love it I know I do. LIVE UNSCRIPTED.

    ps. ALL MEN have mental orgasms just can’t let”her” know, she will you it against you.

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