I am the other woman. What separates me from you is that I know my position. Granted you may be “Mainline” but I get the same passes and privileges as you. I am the other woman cause I fuck better than you. I don’t even have to be like Superhead, hell he doesn’t even ask that of me. You wanna make love and I just want him to fuck me.

I am the other woman cause I make it easy for him to talk to me. You critique his goals and things he considers accomplishments. I am right there to tell him that I am proud of him and then offer my assistance with his next goal.
I am the other woman because I am not always in his pockets. On Payday you stand there with your hand out stretched so that you can go shopping. You complain when he gives you a limited amount. The amount is limited cause he has already went shopping for me.
I am the other woman and I drive not only his car but yours as well when he has it. Those some of those business trips that he is one are really getaways for the two of us. He takes you to Outback and takes me to Mortons. We have even met before too. Trying to remember when? Don’t bother because you will never figure it out.

I am the other woman because I make sure he doesn’t get caught. I never call him he calls me. Don’t bother searching his phone cause you will never find my number. I am listed under a males name or a business or I could be an alternate number for a friend. Try calling the numbers in the phone but beware of what you say cause you could damage a real business relationship looking for me.

I am the other woman cause you will never catch us out because I don’t have the same interests as you. If he slips up and mentions my name he can simply explain it away because you want so desperately to believe that you are the only one.

I am the other woman because you can’t compete with me. You trick on him and in turn he tricks on me. What he doesn’t give to you he gives to me. I already know that it will not last. It ends when I am done with the thrill.


The Other Woman

(This is not a real letter just a creative work)
(Please ladies don’t read more into this than what it is)


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3 thoughts on “I AM THE OTHER WOMAN”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Mean mean mean.

    Bottom line is you are the other woman cause she does not complete him.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh shit is all I can say. I am forwarding this as we speak!

  3. Anonymous says:

    HELLO, AS A MAN,afer reading “I AM THE OTHER WOMAN” I find it to be very abrasive,true, mature & to the point.Glad that it’s just an opinion/work of fiction. Many women in our community only accept this role when it is convenient for them,”you go girl”.The only part not mentioned is the poor judgement of dude.As a coach in the game,I only ask that “I AM THE OTHER WOMAN” to be more demanding of her dude and not to be a “WHIMP”.Because if she let me do it to her I feel I can do it to the next”I AM THE OTHER WOMAN”/ “mainline” sorry. United we stand divided we get played. Remember your niece, little cousin, daughter,nephew understands whats going on. LIVE UNSCRIPTED!

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