Stop asking me if your big enough! I hate when a man asks me is he big enough or if I enjoyed it after fucking. For one some of you don’t really want the “REAL” answer. Two its a turn off and three if you couldn’t tell by my reaction then its your fault. I understand that many men are sensitive about their performance. The truth is that size does matter to some but not all. A man can be eight inches and still be terrible in bed because he doesn’t know what he is doing (trust me I know). The time that it takes to instruct him is tedious as hell(unless you love him)…smh. Before you run and jump to defend your manhood let me explain.The main goal that we both share during sex is satisfaction. That includes having an orgasm or you just “busin a nut”. Trying to shove 8inches into a vagina that is only 6.5inches is not pleasurable! The goal is not for you to cram every inch of you into her to prove that you are a man (take that,take that,take that). We already know that you are a man because you have a penis! All women really want you to do is make the experience pleasurable and memorable (in a good way). I can’t speak for all but I can certainly say that I love a “Perfect Fit”.What is a “Perfect Fit” you may ask? A “Perfect Fit” is when you find a partner who is large enough to your liking. For example: Lets say (ladies) that your about 7.5 inches deep and your partner is 8inches then that would be a “Perfect Fit”. He is just large enough even though he is a half inch larger he has just enough to try and cram in to where its not painful. Some may like maybe a half inch to and inch and a half. The pain is just enough to where its pleasurable. Men If your too big for her and try to cram every inch into her every time you can bend her cervix. Yes, men you can bend the cervix. I know that many ladies love an extremely large penis and ruff sex but be warned that this can eventually bend the cervix causing it to become difficult to become pregnant. Now don’t get it twisted you can still get pregnant but it can be difficult.So fellas to give some insight I asked some ladies if size really mattered:


Does size really matter? In my opinion, if you truly are in love with the guy then no. Your emotions take over and more of your heart is there than anything. If its just someone you want to have intercourse with then of course it does. He’s probably a big talker and has nothing to show for it. Why have sex with someone if you cant feel a damn thing?! Depending on the female when a man has a small wanker then it gives the female a totally different perspective of the guy


Hey lady! Let’s see….size; where shall I begin? 🙂 (jus thinking about various sizes makes me blush…LOL)
Size: Yes, it matters! Now, you can have a HUGE dick but there are 2 downfalls that can happen with that. A) its so big that it’s more uncomfortable than it is pleasurable. Yes its desirable for the sake of experience & curiousity but you know what curiousity does; kills the cat! (not in a good way) Its almost hard for him to hit your spot cuz he’s so big that he’s taking up ALL the spots in the coochie! lol Then you have B) a guy has a big dick but doesn’t know how to use it! (such a waste of a good tool! *kills me*) He has a nice piece but his rhythm is off….he just can’t satisfy you even though he’s “holdin”!
Now, on the flipside of having a big dick, you have the “average to relatively small” range. While this isn’t the most sought after size, I’ve found that I’ve received more pleasure from an “average” sized dick. I find that a man can hit my spot better. He can hit it at an angle better if he’s able to maneuver the dick a little bit. (with a HUGE dick, he’s just in there with no room to spare!) Having said all this, average sized works for me; not “small” though. Small dicks are not desirable at all! lol (none need apply!!! LOL) That just feels like somebody fingering you; so high school! 🙂
In conclusion, yes…size definitely matters! I’ll always give the “big boy” a try but I prefer an average size dick so I can truly enjoy the sex! Ow!!!   🙂


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One thought on “DOES SIZE MATTER?????”

  1. Alojamiento says:

    Surveys show that while size does matter to some women, there are far fewer who say that it’s important. Most women agree it’s how a man uses his penis and whether he excels in other areas, because intercourse is just one part of sex; and sex encompasses so much more.

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