He moaned “I am about to cum” and I could not have been happier because it was about to be over. I couldn’t believe I just had “Jack Rabbit” sex like Carrie from “Sex In The City”. For those of you that do not know Jack Rabbit sex is fast paced, highly aggressive sex also known as Bang, Bang, Bang. Many men believe that women love to have sex this way when in reality it can be painful and unsatisfying. Jack Rabbit sex is like masturbating with a woman. You are fucking her as if you are fucking your hand. You don’t have to beat it up for the sex to be enjoyable.+
As I stated before Jack Rabbit sex is not enjoyable especially if that is the constant motion during intimacy. You should be taking the time to enjoy the way she feels. Men need to take the time to learn the art of thrusting. The various speeds, depths and angle of the thrusts can make sex very enjoyable. So how should you begin?
Start by taking the tip of your penis and rubbing it around the opening of her vagina. This helps to build arousal which in turn increases her vaginal secretions or in laymens terms causes her to be really wet ( don’t forget the kissing on the lips and the breasts are still necessary). As you do this you will notice how she opens and closes as if she was trying to pull you in. Don’t give it all to her yet. Let her lips kiss the tip of your penis. Now tease her by sticking just the tip of the penis inside her. Remember the more you tease her the more aroused she will become. Now when your ready give her all of you but slowly. You want her to feel every inch of you as you enter her with a deep thrust. Now once inside her you don’t have to immediately have to start beating it it (thrusting intensely). The whole point is to enjoy the experience need I remind you!
Now after you have entered her (assuming that you are on top) grab her by the back of the head (grab some of her hair but not to tight) and look her in the eye and thrust deeply into her. You want her to know that you are in control and that right now this is your pussy and that you are going to make her feel as if she is being made love to. Pull out and do nine shallow thrusts and then one deep thrust then withdraw, pause, reenter and perform eight shallow strokes and one deep. Continue the countdown. eventually you will get and the rhythm and you will not need to count anymore. You can also vary the thrusting techniques by also trying the “Corkscrew” maneuver. The “Corkscrew involves the man moving slightly right and the moving slightly to the left while thrusting. You are moving your penis inside her vagina in a circular motion by doing this. This method is best when done in the missionary position or while doing it Doggy style. The “Corkscrew can cause a deep orgasm for many women. You can speed up the motion as the intensity of the sex increases.
Ladies don’t feel left out because if he is not thrusting inside of you the way that you want him to you can take control of the penis. Ladies if you are on top you have full control of the depth and the intensity of how his penis enters you. To start off don’t just jump on the penis as if it was one of those stick on the chair dildos that you bought from the store. Sit on the penis slowly. If he grabs you by the waist or if he grabs you by the crease of your ass and thigh to take control take his hands and place them above his head. While moving his hands above his head kiss him passionately on the lips. You want him to know that you are in control. You can also adjust his thrusts by the way you angle your body. Shift your pelvis in a different direction.
So men we need for you to take time when you are in us to enjoy the feeling. Enjoy the warmth and wetness of her while you are inside of her. There is nothing like the sensation of you being inside of her. Sometimes she may not want to cum or have an orgasm. She may just want the experience of the feeling of having you inside of her.(Remember if you are going to have sex please use a condom! Use the links to the right to order your free Trojan Ecstasy condoms while supplies last. If you are going to go raw be honest with your partner about the last time you have been tested for any STDs especially HIV)


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    And I’m a girl not a guy

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    I love Jack rabbit sex. It’s the best. I like to get hard fast and rough. I’m not into this slow crap

  3. Anonymous says:

    so…how do I break the news that’s he is a jack rabbit…I really just want him to read this page…is this a comment that will hurt his feelings? Or do guys pretty much know that the jack rabit is a nightmare, but they like it so much, that they dont care? do these guys generally beleive this is how a person should have sex? Or are they just being a$$holes? How common is this? Should I bring it up? Or just not see him again?

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    U are a super FREAK!!!

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    Hey don’t tell all my secrets but that was good.

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    So glad you are giving ways to re-direct focus.

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