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My First Anal Encounter

My first invitation to offer anal pleasure to a woman came during college when I was dating white girls. I was dating this one girl in particular when I first experienced anal. During a night of intimacy that’s when it happened. I just got done giving her oral stimulation (I once was so eager I got hiccups while eating her out but that’s another story). The anal sex topic was indeed her idea and yes I was curious but in my mind I was thinking “will my dick smell like shit “, “will it fit”, “will it hurt her – shit will it hurt me”? I thought of the expansion of the sphincter muscle and the tight feeling as if it she were a virgin and the control and then you go for it. She takes my manhood which could break a brick at this point. My Dick was so hard it was throbbing and it was hot she gave me an extra wet blow job, to fully lubricate my shaft. While turning over to get in doggy style, she just guided my Dick into her ass – working the head first back n forth. She said “never want to force or jam it in till she gapes”. In case you don’t know “To Gape” means the anus has sort of opened; through anal four-play to the size of the penis she is working with. Once she achieved “Gape” I really started to get into it – hot – tight – and her moans of pleasure and pain were a big turn on. She he let me have my way with her ass literally for 45minutes! After she came she gave me the “serious ok” – she twisted her self to look me I the eye – and said in the sexist voice I’d heard to date- “CUMM IN MY AZZ, DO IT – DO IT CUMM I N MY AZZ”!! I don’t know why but that shit is like a license to tear some shit up – I put one hand on her shoulder, the other at the fold of her hips, and I rose up on my toes. When I got her and myself in position it was on. I tried to pay her back for slavery, civil rights, Malcom X, Martin, and Kennedy. I was so deep inside her. The excitement of anal sex was so powerful that when I came it was so much it ran out her azz as she lay there shaking, sweaty, and moaning with pleasure from sexual pain.

Is it her pleasure or your pleasure?

Once you have done it you are going to want to try it again. Please use a condom! Don’t think anything crazy like “I don’t need a condom because she can’t get pregnant from her azz”. I have heard guys say this. Even though she can’t get pregnant you are still at risk of disease so be safe, use a freaking condom (MAGNUM ECSTACY). Now when the time comes (I prefer to let the lady decide) as a man you can’t be walking around just talking about anal sex because you may put yourself in a closet. If during sex she is curious or wants to try she will let you know. If it is her thing she will be into it. She will know the positions that she likes and from what angle. More than likely she has tried it herself with her dildo or rubber silicone dick. So trust me if she into it your good just supply the dick and let her get it off she may take it from the back or side or ride you true cowboy style.

“If she is letting you hit the taboo zone to please you – take that into account – don’t just tear the azz up, be gentle – let her find pleasure in pleasing you – after all if she is doing it to please you as a man – you might want to ensure you can hit it again – so let her adjust, it may be new for her”.

Warming up to the booty hole

OK I am going to break this down to you guys and gals – the anus is designed to be EXIT ONLY – so the veins, tissue, capillaries are all compressed to work with the sphincter muscle to move things out- now it’s the same concentration of tissue that is the pleasure of pain when the penis enters her anus. One young lady describes anal sex as; “it is like a euphoric high without the marijuana“.

Men you cannot just go in like you can with a vagina. The keyword is “GAPE”. You have to get her and her anus to relax and take form. Whether you use your tongue, finger with lubricate or sex toy with lubricate, you must give anal four-play before inserting – look for the Gape as the anus loosens it will slow to close as you continue to give four play . Once that happens substitute you Penis just using the head at first – the ease it in to her comfort level – never force it – let her body moisten itself around your Penis. You as the man will feel it loosen she will arch her back or spread her legs for you to go in…

Black Girls and Anal SEX

Men please know that 6 out of 10 black women “ARE NOT ON IT” but it’s the “FOUR” that will surprise you. You might think the hot in the club girl half dressed, very flirtatious and all over you will be the one- “Not”. It’s the quiet girl who dresses nice but not like a freak, works a regular job that will have Pandora’s Box of whips and chains and will be all into to anal sex. A couple of be black women have gotten me like that. I was with this one black woman and we were having extremely good sex. Let’s just say the mild mannered 9 to 5 day jobber had a wild side. After about two to three months of great sex she took it to a new level. This is how it went down during a session: we were in a feverish lovemaking session currently in the missionary position. I went to adjust my knee to go in deeper but in the process slipped out. I heard her say “I got you baby” and instead of putting my dick back into her pussy she put my dick head up her azz and simply said “get it but be gentle at first”. My mind was like “What the fuck I am in her azz. Damn it was her idea”!! I happily obliged her. Man what a good session that was and she was all into it. Once she gaped and got loose she was raised her hips to get me deeper inside her ass grinding and all. Then she turned over for me to hit it from the back, she loved it when I played with her pussy and clitoris and the same time until she had another orgasm. This was this first time I felt a ass hole get “cummy” while cumming from her vagina too.

The Freak in HER!!!!

Sometimes you will get a real trooper that is willing to try new things or maybe school you on a thing or two. Most women already know what they like especially if they own a dildo or vibrator. One thing that is a big turn on for me is a woman who like the taste of there own pussy. She will taste herself by either licking her fingers after she touches herself or by perform a deep blow job after you have been inside her. But if she grab your dick and sucks it after you have been in her azz well that’s a different type of hot………

Chocolate Girth……


Does Size Really Matter????

My First Time


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    HELLO,”Lovin from behind” was definitely MENTALLYORGASMIC for me. “4 in 10 blk women”, really! Tough to talk about b-cus of the homoerotic overtones.If I so happen to get the opp.to be with a “woman” thats into the anal game yeah i’d try it? “nawh no way jus seems to be to gay of a sex act”. I’d just have to

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