The first time I saw her it was purely by accident. The room was dark except for the moonlight that shined through the windows. The moonlight showed only the silhouettes of the bodies but I could still see them. She was biting her lower lip and her hair was disheveled. Her her head was turned slightly to the left towards me but her eyes were slightly closed. The left arm was positioned by her right breast slightly elevating her off the bed as her hands gripped the sheets. She used her left hand to push back into him.
There he was with his strong muscular body positioned behind her. His facial expression was focused on her form. He placed his left hand on the middle of her back pushing her down to arch her back. He used his right hand that was placed between the crease of her thigh and torso to pull her close as he thrust deeply inside her. The deeper the stroke the more she bit her lip. As sexy as he looked there was something about her that intrigued me. The way her body moved with each stroke. I couldn’t take my eyes off her.



Her hips and back were raised slightly off the bed. She placed her hands above her head and firmly pressed them against the wall. His right hand was positioned under the arch of her back. His left hand clinched her left breast. Her head turned slightly to face her hands. She was having an orgasm as she moaned “Oh My God”. Her facial expressions showed both pleasure and pain. He smiled at her as her body convulsed from the orgasm that he had given her. The orgasm was so strong that her breathing became intermittent. Her legs wrapped tightly around his waist. It was one long continuous orgasm. Her body shivered and shook.

She was mounted on top of him. His back was rested against the wall. His hands gripped her waist as she rode him. She leaned into him placing her left breast in his mouth. You could tell that she enjoyed the way his tongue flicked around her nipple as she tilted her head slightly back and softly moaned. She brought her head back forward and looked down at him as she moved her breast in and out of his mouth as if teasing him. She cupped the back of his head and told him to suck harder as she rode him faster and harder. It was the the build up of the orgasm that she longed for. That is when he noticed me watching. He took his left hand grabbed my hair tightly and began fucking me as hard as he could. As I began to cum he pulled me close and whispered in my ear “So, you like to watch yourself”? I took my eyes off of my reflection in the mirror and turned to him and replied “Yes”.


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