reeway AKA Mr 1-900 Hustler is back with a new album titled “The Stimulus Package”. The new album is scheduled to release February 16th so be on the look out. In the meantime Freeway is appetizing the fans with the first single off the album called “She Makes Me Feel“. For those of you that have been asking the “who, what, when, where and why” about Freeway well INTRO got the chance to ask those questions for you with an exclusive interview. I got the chance to get with Freeway and talk about the new album, Beanie Siegel, 50 Cent, Jay-z, and Cash Money.

INTRO: Where you have you been? Your last album was in 2007.

FREEWAY: I been on the grind. I got the new album coming out called “The Stimulus Package” released by Rhymesayers Entertainment. I took it back to the essence. The whole album was produced by one producer by the name of “Jake One” and it came out crazy.

INTRO: The new single is out and I want to know what the response has been from the people about the single?

FREEWAY: Everybody loving it man. We shoot the video for it on Thursday. I am feeling real good about the project and I look forward to moving forward with the project.

INTRO: What direction were you going in with this album?

FREEWAY: With this album I just really wanted to prove that I could do it on my own. Everybody know me for being under Jay-z and Beanie Sigel you know so I just wanted to prove that I could do it myself.

INTRO: Whassup with your label “Free Money”? Do you have any of your artists featured on the new album “Stimulus Package” or do you have any projects that will be coming from the label soon?

Freeway: The label is something that I am putting together so you can look forward to that in the future. I have a mixtape coming out called the “Freelapse” that is going to drop the week before the album. Its dedicated to Eminem. I have all Eminem beats and I have a couple artists on them joints.

INTRO: I know that 50 Cent and Jay-Z were suppose to co-executive produce your last album 2007 album “Free At Last” but 50 Cent ended up giving up his executive producer role in the end. I didn’t hear that there was any beef between the two of you. Were you guys just going in different directions with the project?

FREEWAY: It just didn’t work out in the end. There were some technical things that didn’t work out but its still all good. Its still all love with 50.

INTRO: I know that you are signed with Rhymesayers but I also heard that you signed to Cash Money this past summer?

FREEWAY: That is still up in the air right now its not official yet but hopefully that situation works out.

INTRO: I heard that you had spiritual crisis that had you thinking about leaving the rap game which in turn provoked you to take the Hajj (annual pilgrimage to Mecca). Can you give more clarification on that?

FREEWAY: I did the Umrah. The Hajj you take only once a year but the Umrah you can take anytime. I didn’t have a spiritual crisis. Every Muslim if they get a chance they should do it at least once in their life. It was something that I was obligated to do and when the perfect time came I took advantage of it. I didn’t have not religious crisis or nothing like that. With me being Muslim I am definitely not suppose to be doing this music so it is a struggle that I go through within myself all the time.

INTRO: What keeps you focused to keep you in the rap game.

FREEWAY: I am just so passionate about what I do. It was something that I wanted to do since I was a little kid. I feel real strong about it.

INTRO: We all know about the situation with Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z where it has been called beef but really Beanie was expressing how he felt about the situation. Did anyone reach out to you and ask you how you felt?

FREEWAY: Beans was with Roc-A-Fella longer that I was so he felt more strongly about the situation than I do. It is what it is. I am still cool with Beans and I am still cool with Jay. I am just trying to move forward and make good music and make my stamp in hip-hop.

INTRO: Are there any particular artists that you would like to collaborate with that you have not worked with yet?

FREEWAY: I definitely want to work with Dre. I definitely want to work with him. There are lot if artists that I have not worked with yet so I am looking to do alot of things in the future.

INTRO: Do you have an promo tours or album release parties coming up?

FREEWAY: We got a lot of things poppin in February. We have a album release party in Philly on the 15th, New York on the 16th, Boston on the 18th, and after that we are going to be doing a lot of different things so I will definitely keep you posted.

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