I am the wife most likely referred to as the “Bitch of a Wife” by the Married man and The Other Woman. I am sure that he calls me other names as well. They may even have a pet name that they both call me. I have some names that I call the both of them too like: Gutter Troll, Ego Maniac, Man Child, Side Piece, Side Ho, Strumpet, and Crumb-snatcher. I am not here to name call so I’ll move on. For the sake of simplicity I will use initials as I refer to us. I will keep “BITCH OF A WIFE” for me, “MY MAN” for married man and “THE OTHER WOMAN” for the other woman.


I am the centerpiece placed proudly upon the bountiful table that “MY MAN” and I have set. I am surrounded by our children, memories, career, home, our life. You stand off to the side, like an indentured servant, you are not ALL Other Woman” ED to eat at the table. You must stay at a distance, mouth watering, hoping for a crumb to drop so you can hit your knees and go for it. The holidays and all their bounty are reserved for me and mine. ”THE OTHER WOMAN” only gets the leftovers. For an example ”MY MAN” comes to you a day/days after Thanksgiving, like the left over turkey he is, and feeds you the scraps from his crotch.


You think it’s a big deal that he wants to f*k you (oopsies her word not mine) but has to make love to me. He fucks me .sexes me too, during the lovemaking. “THE OTHER WOMAN” inferred that I couldn’t compete with her in the sexual arena. I DON’T HAVE TO. I won before you even came on the scene. I have the title of “Mrs. Him” and regally wear the CROther Woman” N of Virtue. “MY MAN” KN Other Woman” S it too but plays mind games with you, prompting you to compete in a bogus competition with me. “MY MAN” is a self serving ego maniac and he gets his best work out of you that way. “THE OTHER WOMAN” gets conned into doing all the crap that “BITCH OF A WIFE” doesn’t have the time, mind or stomach to do. “THE OTHER WOMAN” is required to do the things that “MY MAN” doesn’t ask his ”BITCH OF A WIFE” for out of respect for her. “MY MAN” and BW have ‘to do’ lists, ‘Honey Do’ lists and a shit list. You, dear “OTHER WOMAN”, have been assigned the shit list. So go ahead and sex him. Fuck him until he is too tired to whine, piss and moan when he gets home to me. Work him until he is all chipper because then he is helpful around the house, playful with the kids and brings me great guilt gifts. Here’s a morsel for you and him. You are really my side hoe/handmaiden. “MY MAN” is your Sweet Daddy, huh? That make’s you MO My Man” Y‘s little helper. The “BITCH OF A WIFE” is not your average wife. ”BITCH OF A WIFE” KN Other Woman” S that you exist, lets you stay and play and to pick up her slack.

You think that ”BITCH OF A WIFE” just can’t find you. You think that ”MY MAN” has you hidden from me? Please know that “MY MAN” only has you thinly veiled for his “Other Woman” N purposes. He leaves me clues to get caught, but we’ll get to that later. “BITCH OF A WIFE” is too busy living and maintaining their life and enjoying the fruits of his labor. Your statement about you and me not traveling in the same circle is so true. You are circling with the other gold digging buzzards waiting for someone’s relationship to die… Like all of Tiger Wood’s little tigresses that are coming out of the ‘Wood works’ ”THE OTHER WOMAN”’s feast on the remains because you are either too lazy or too weak to take on the challenge of getting a real live relationship of yourOther Woman” N. “MY MAN” is aware of your weakness so he plays dead, then preys on You. When he does “DO NOT” call my house ranting and crying or send me anonymous letters and crap. Call a therapist. I will deal only with “MY MAN”, not for cheating, but for being sloppy. by leaving clues to give you and me access to each other to cause a fight to end the relationship with you. I admire Elin Woods for H Other Woman” she handled her situation. I am sure that she was aware that he was cheating, it comes with the Professional Athlete marriage package, but N Other Woman” he has embarrassed her and the “cubs”. She hasn’t said anything to the tigresses that taunt and mock her, she dealt with her man, Cheetah, I mean…Tiger. I am not supporting domestic violence as I applaud her golf club swinging. I am simply supporting the sport of Women’s Golf. Again, so you say you “can get it up” for him too. Lil girl, I am the mainline as you called me. Not only can I get him up, keep him up but I can “hold it D Other Woman” N for him. I am his anchor. The life we built is the solid, grounded, safe structure that shelters him in the storms of life. It is the structure from which he leaps and springs “The Other Woman” ARDS you when he wants a recess break and when it is over he then runs back home.

He is a whining man ”MY MAN” is with a “BITCH OF A WIFE”, and he likes it that way. Men, like him have MO My Man” Y issues. They provoke their wives to act more like angry mom’s than wives. These men like “Bitch moms”. They say they do not, but they do. These men only feel safe and comfortable with a “BITCH OF A WIFE”. It’s been 5, 10, 15, 20 years or more and he is still with her. Trust me it ain’t for the kids or house. He’s a lying wonder if he told you that. “MY MAN” tells “THE OTHER WOMAN” that he hates “BITCH OF A WIFE” and exclaims that “THE OTHER WOMAN” is much sweeter, compassionate, understanding and more beautiful and blah frickidy blah. He tells “THE OTHER WOMAN” that to keep her from demanding or asking anything for herself in the relationship. “THE OTHER WOMAN” must suffer silently and do it in stilettos, make up and a perfect do. “BITCH OF A WIFE” can say what she wants, H Other Woman” ever she wants and look raggedy doing it because she pays the cost to be the boss . If he calls me with some excuse to go out and play with you and my answer is, “No! Bring your ass home, N Other Woman””, he does. If he doesn’t answer the phone when I call while he’s in the room with you, it’s not to spare your feelings. “MY MAN” does that to spare his ego. “MY MAN” doesn’t want you to see him C Other Woman” ERING or hear him begging or whining. He’s like a rebellious kid not answering it because he KN Other Woman” S I’m calling him home, it is time to come in. If I tell him to come N Other Woman” and he doesn’t, we both KN Other Woman” I will come looking for his monkey ass or that there will be hell to pay when he finally does get in. “MY MAN” needs to keep up a brave front for you to preserve the fantasy that he has balls. “The Other Woman” gets to hold his ‘member’ and tickle his fancy. I have the keys to his heart, secrets, fears and strength. I have his wallet, checkbook AND his balls. Next time you’re on your knees, crumb snatching, look for ’em if ya don’t believe me. As you were ending your letter you claimed that “the affair would end when you were done with the thrill”, correction. Our life is the structure from which he leaps “The Other Woman” ARDS you attached by a bunji cord plunging into an affair. “MY MAN” bounces up and D Other Woman” N back and forth between “BITCH OF A WIFE” and “THE OTHER WOMAN”. After the thrill is gone for him or I no longer have use for you, it is over. He will hang out for awhile bouncing and swaying less and less. I will let him dangle giving him time to see his fool hardiness then I reel him in SL Other Woman” LY. By giving him time to let the blood rush back into his head it will dawn on him that he could possibly have lost me. He begins to think about what would have happened if the cord had snapped on the way DOther Woman” N. What if it snapped on the way back? I am starting to feel a little like Angela Bassett in ‘Waiting to Exhale’ and ‘What’s love got to do with it’. I,”BITCH OF A WIFE”, used to be his passion, light hearted, carefree and blah, blah, frikedy, blah too. The unhealthy dynamics this of marriage and pressure of being married to a selfish, reckless, man-child has taken its toll on me. Bitches are not born, they are man made and cultivated. We are born to be a cherished, protected, beloved CR Other Woman” NING glory to mankind known as a WOMAN. When women are made to earn every sliver of love and not taught our true worth, we become super women. When we are broken and marred by the cruelty of those entrusted to love us, and tire of the endless bullshit, we enter into survival mode an morph into BITCHES or lay D Other Woman” N and become “THE OTHER WOMAN” or worse.

“OTHER WOMAN” get a clue, get off you knees, get a life and get gone.





Smooches Bitches!



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This blog is a holla’ back at the, ‘I AM THE OTHER WOMAN’, story I read on mentallyorgasmic.com. Her story, the Tiger Woods and “Woodrats” saga, and Jon and Kate plus Hailey plus Deanna inspired me to do this piece. It is not a verbal chic fight but a representation from the other camp. Like her story my character is a fictional compilation of several women.

I Am The Other Woman



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  1. Anonymous says:

    “HELLO”,just about everthing your saying is true.As I call myself a man Ive been caught up in that exact situ. I only got away with things “SHE” let me get away with/ she knew but for some reason didn’t call me on it.I, ALWAYS came home like the emasculated fag she wanted/reduced me to be. THANK JESUS we ain’t together anymore. Luv the blog topic keep them coming.

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