South Florida’s #1 website dedicated to the local Hip-Hop scene is up for sale.


After nearly a decade of contribution to it’s community, is forced to close it’s doors due to it’s current economic state. “The money isn’t coming in like it use to. The server alone cost a couple papers per month, so I’m coming out of pocket“, says website founder Fillup Banks.

In the past years would receive millions of views on any given month. It is no wonder why it was used for marketing & promotion by companies such as Def Jam, Universal Music, Interscope, and Billboard amongst many others. Those days have passed and it no longer receives the sufficient and much-needed advertisement sponsors.

In recent years many have made offers for ownership of the domain but Fillup Banks would always respectfully decline. Now the young entrepenuer is in such a financial struggle with the website that he’s looking for any prospects that would like to keep this community organization growing.

Anyone interested in more information on how to obtain ownership of the domain, including it’s content, and contact list visit this link:


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