THEHIPHOPDIVA.COM Presents Diva Glitz & Glam Gifting and Pampering Suite in Honor of the 2010 Female Hip Hop Honors

Houston, TXIn celebration of the 2010 Female Hip Hop Honors, THEHIPHOPDIVA.COM will present Diva Glitz & Glam Gifting and Pampering Suite on May 21, 2010 in Los Angeles, CA.

THEHIPHOPDIVA.COM will work in conjunction event organizers,, and sponsors to create a unique networking and social experience for the awards show’s nominees, honorees, performers, and select female professionals. The Diva Glitz & Glam Gifting and Pampering Suite will also provide brands the opportunity to present and market their products to a very diverse and influential group of women. Keisha Zackery, owner of THEHIPHOPDIVA.COM, has announced that she will make this event open to select media, to document her company’s participation in this historic event.

This won’t be Keisha’s first venture into creating such offline events for her popular website. After hosting highly publicized and attended female networking mixers at both the BET Hip Hop Awards, and 2010 NBA All-Star, the businesswoman felt that was a natural fit for her company’s overall mission and cause. “I believe that it’s important for women in entertainment to not only support each other, but also work together.” Since announcing plans to bring her famous female networking mixer to Los Angeles for the awards show, Zackery has been overwhelmed with inquiries from brands wanting to participate. Master Hairstylist Renee Ramore, and Lamik Beauty have already been confirmed as pampering sponsors for the event, both providing hair and make-up touchups for attendees.

THEHIPHOPDIVA.COM has built a solid reputation as a media outlet concerned with advertisement and advancement of females within the music industry, particularly Hip Hop. The 2010 Female Hip Hop Honors will celebrate contributions of this year’s honorees Grammy Award Winning Artist/Author Queen Pen, and Academy Award Nominee Kimberly River Roberts, will be hosted by comedian Luenell Cambell, and will performances appearances from the best and brightest of the West Coast hip hop scene. All inquiries concerning the Diva Glitz & Glam Gifting and Pampering Suite should be directed to Keisha Zackery via email at thehiphopdiva@THEHIPHOPDIVA.COM, and media outlets interested in covering the event should contact Publicity Pieces at


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