Long Island Fans Create National Campaign To Put J.Lo On “American Idol”

Long Islanders and dedicated J. Lo fans are creating a national campaign that will petition for the singer to be one of the judges on the upcoming “American Idol” season. With the absence of Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Kara DioGuardi, FOX executives have at least two judges’ seats to fill for the hit reality show. Rumors have been circulating lately that J. Lo, previously thought to be in the running, has now been shunned for Mariah Carey or Shania Twain.

Those working on the campaign, led by Long Island native Lloyd Landsman MD, have already created a petition online and expect to accrue hundreds of thousands of signatures. They are planning to send the petition to FOX executives and launch a website detailing the reasons why J. Lo should be one of the “Idol” judges. Also in the works is an advertising campaign with notices put in magazines and music trade publications.

Dr. Landsman is himself a neighbor of J. Lo’s – she and husband Marc Anthony own a North Shore estate. He believes she is the best candidate for the job, having already proved her competence when she served as a guest judge on two “American Idol” episodes in 2007. Dr. Landsman also points out that J. Lo would be the first Long Islander to judge “Idol” and would be a wonderful representative of the community. Although the Bronx-born entertainer is more widely known as “Jenny from the Block,” she’s also “Jenny from Northern Boulevard.” Paparazzi photos repeatedly reveal her shopping and dining all over Long Island. Other famous Long Islanders include Billy Joel, Billy Crystal, Lindsay Lohan and LL Cool J.

A global phenomenon who has sold more than 25 million albums worldwide, J. Lo dominates the music, film, TV and fashion industries and has parlayed her fame into multiple endorsement deals. Her two-decade-spanning career gives her the experience necessary to mentor young artists on “Idol”; her charisma and on-screen presence make her perfect for the TV gig.


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