Celibacy Part Two

On October 1st I entered my tenth month of celibacy and I will admit I am more frustrated than ever. So you may be asking yourself “why are you celibate”? Simple “I am looking for a monogamous relationship”! I want to be with someone that I can be totally uninhibited with sexually. I can’t be that way with someone that I am just having casual sex with. I will admit that I am possessive and that I am more aroused when I am the only one making you feel some kind of way. Until I can find that special someone I rather remain celibate because just having casual sex no longer satisfies me anymore. Recently one of my close friends asked me some interesting questions about me being celibate.

What is it like to be celibate? I am ten months in and I am going to be very truthful when I say that I have been very stressed and frustrated. I haven’t even used any toys to release any sexual tension.

What do you do when you become aroused?
Food has become my best friend. I crave anything rich and flavorful. I new eating habits have caused me to go through puberty again because I have developed and serious case of acne. I try not to watch anything that involves a lot of sexual content to avoid any sexual thoughts.

How did you manage to last this long? This first month was easy because I had the flu and once I got over that I caught a cold. There aren’t that many people lined up to sleep with you when you are sick. The next couple of months were fine the stress and frustration did start to show until six months in. I became moody and that’s when my late night food cravings began. I didn’t devolope acne until month eight and it didn’t get worst until month nine. I seem to finally have the acne and my eating habits back under control. My want and need to have sex seems to be fading away.

What happened to the last guy? I didn’t choose to be celibate because of a man. There was no failed relationship or heartbreak that led me to this decision. As for the last guy somethings aren’t meant to last I guess. The only thing about being celibate is dating. Its hard to tell if someone dating you for you are just to see if they can be the first one to sleep with you.

As I stated in part one being celibate is not easy. It is not only a mental but physical challenge as well. Whatever your reason for choosing to be celibate please remember that it is worth it

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