That was cool to build the brand but now we trying to make money with it”
GUNPLAY: Grinding hard and letting them know that Gunplay coming. I am about to drop a mixtape with Dj PCutta out of Philly . The mixtape is called Don Logan. Don Logan is my alter ego and my company name as well I am starting to implement that in my music so that people know that I am not only Gunplay but Don Logan as well.INTRO: So Don Logan is your music label as well?
GUNPLAY: Yeah that’s my label right there. We are in the beginning stages. I grind out Maybach Music and Triple C so I am doing the same for myself.
INTRO: Do you have any artist on your label?
GUNPLAY: Yeah! Gunplay
INTRO: What kind of feel can we expect from the Don Logan mixtape?
GUNPLAY: I get to talk about that street shit. On my mixtape I can really talk that street shit versus an album where you have to cater to a broader audience. I cater to the streets wit the mixtape. The streets know me. They know what I am about. They like to hear what I am talking about when I get on that street shit. That’s really the masses (the streets). When I do the album I tone it down to appeal to the masses. The mixtapes are strictly for the streets, slums, and ghettos.
INTRO: Are you in the movie Teflon Don?


INTRO: You didn’t want to be in it?
GUNPLAY: I didn’t know they were shooting a movie.
INTRO: Yeah! Young Breed just told me about it.
GUNPLAY: Its news to me baby.
INTRO: What else are you working on now?
GUNPLAY: We working on the second album now. Color, Cut, Clarity” I am doing three projects right now. I am working on mixtapes but I am also working on my solo album now called “Kill Switch”. On the last album we kept it street. On this album we are really trying to crossover with this one. We are trying to get on the radio. The last album really didn’t hit the radios like that. It just hit peoples CD players. That was cool to build the brand but now we trying to make money with it. I also have “Apples and Onions” magazine and a modeling agency I am trying to start up. The motto of “Apples and Onions” magazine is “you gotta have a waist like a wasp and a ass like a horse”. Hopefully I can spin off with a strip club cause you know Don Logan loves the ladies.
INTRO: The ladies that are reading this and want to be part of the magazine Apples and Onions how would they be able to contact you?
GUNPLAY: I don’t have the web site up yet but you can send your pictures and info to I am about to get things set up now. Once the web site is up you would be able to see the girls that I am already working with.
INTRO: You mentioned earlier that you would like to be able to spin off and do a strip club. What location would be ideal for you to open up your club?
GUNPLAY: I would do it in Atlanta. Down here it is a lot of competition. There is competition in Atlanta also but the way that I want to do it is different. You will be able to get a hair cut in mine.
INTRO: So after a fresh cut they can run over to see the ladies.
GUNPLAY: Yeah you can get ya shape up, you play ya pool, and get ya sports on the plasma. You got pretty girls doing your manicure if you want.
INTRO: Are you doing any shows or features at the moment?
GUNPLAY: We are doing some spot shows here and there in Florida, Texas, and New York. We aree back in the lab working on the second album. I am doing features and people can reach me at or they can hit me on twitter @gunplay. I do want people to know that the features cost.
INTRO: Is there any particular artist that you would like to work with?
GUNPLAY: I would love to work with Sade. I have already worked with a lot of people like Young Jeezy, Bun B, Game, and Gucci however I would really love to work with Sade.




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