“We are taking it back to when the Temptations rehearse for 10-12 hours a day”

Krave is the new girl trio presented to you by rapper Akon and Devyne Stephens of Upfront Mega entertainment. These ladies are planning to take the world by storm with there fresh new sound and they plan on showing the world what it is to be truely entertained. INTRO got the chance to converse with the lovely ladies as they were getting ready to shoot their first video.

INTRO: I really wanna focus on the music. What are you guys working on? Are you working on an album or a new single?

Chanel: We are working on a new album and the album is going to be self titled. It should be out early May 2010. We have been trying to keep busy with the music.

INTRO: What kinda feel is the album going to have to it?

Chanel: Its gonna have a party vibe to it. We have a lot of uptempos, a lot of club records but at the same time we have other records for the ladies. You when your guy is fooling around and you wanna let them know. We are big on girl power dealing with unity, confidence and knowing who you are. Thats the type of feel you are going to get from this album. Its a feel good album.

INTRO: Do you have any special features on the album.

Chanel: Yes! We have our big brother Akon, Nelly, Twista, and RockCity. We don’t want to let too much out. We want to keep it a surprise for when the album comes out. Its gonna be a crazy album and we are really excited about it.

INTRO: Who are your influences? The last really big girl group that we had was Destinys Child.

Chanel: That is true. We get a lot of our influences from TLC, BBD, Jodeci, Xscape, Grace Jones, Madonna, and Michael Jackson (RIP). Music is in our there are just so many people. We love everybody. Music is in our soul. We like different types of music.

INTRO: What makes you different from any other group?

Jazzy: I would say what makes us different is or what makes us tick a little different is that we are have open minds. We really want to touch on everything. We don’t want to stay in the box of urban music or R&B or hip hop. We are eclectic and we like different styles that make us want to incorporate that into our music. We started with Devaughn and he modeled the group from the ground up. He taught us about etiquette when it comes to interviews, its about the look, its about the performance, its about the music. We are taking it back to when the Temptations rehearse for 10-12 hours a day. Its about putting in hard work for the audience and showing them that you are putting in that hard work for them. I think that some artists just focus on just being fly all the time. Of course you need to be fly but this is a business and we need to bring the focus back on the music and the substance of it all.

INTRO: What artists would you like to work with.

Shan Q: I would love to work with Swizz Beatz. His tracks and just his energy alone is just high and fun and we represent that. Another artist we would like to work with is Missy Elliot. She is dope. She is creative, innovative, funand her energy is high too. We have a lot of other artists that we would like towork with but right now those are the main two.

INTRO: Where do you see your self in the next two years:

Shan Q: Let me see. Krave album drops. We go platinum maybe even diamond. A couple houses cars! Naw, after the album drops hopefully we will eventually be headlining our own tour or touring with our big brother Akon overseas. We want to continue to make good music and continue to better ourselve and making legacies that will live on. Hopefully in the near future future we want to do like a Krave movie, Krave accessory line and make-up. We want to make everyone a part of our movement, part of our brand. We want to be big and universal and expand Krave worldwide.

INTRO: What country would you like to go to?

Shan Q: I want to go to Japan. I am a fashion freak. I want to go over there and snatch up everything. I might find me a little boyfriend over there you know and bring him back to the states.

Jazzy: I want to go to Paris. I am the romantic of the group. I love fairy tales and stuff.

Chanel: I would love to go to Africa. I think the scenery even though I have only scene it television is gorgeous and of course I would like to work with the charities over there. I want to see Egypt so bad. I am obsessed wit the pyramids and the sphinx so I definitely have to make my way over there. I am not excited about the shots that you have to get before you go to Africa but I have to go.

INTRO: How would you describe each others personality.

Jazzy: I would say Shan Q is a wild child. By that I mean you never know what you are going to get. One she might have on a neon jumpsuit and the next day she may have on a wedding gown. She is just very out there. Chanel is the median. She is the peacemaker of the group. She is very compassionate but on an extreme level I would say she is the rapper.

Shan Q: I would say Jazzy is the sexy one. She is the seductress. She is like a guitar/vintage. She is a bookworm. Jazzy will come out of now where and say things like “ You know Sir Humphry Davy is the guy that invented the light bulb”. She also likes fancy clothes. Chanel is goofy as well even though she is the more laid back one. She is a meddian like Jaz said. She is watered, very calm. I am a scorpio and I love the water. Jaz is a Scorpio to so we have two waters and one fire. She is like water somewhat.

Chanel: I would say Jazzy is more girly because she isn’t really tomboyish. She is very head strong at times. She is funny. She has cynical humor like the kind you see on Family Guy. I would say that Shan Q is all over the place. She is very creative. I love that about her. Those are my girls. These are my homies. We all have different facets to us. We can all be goofy at times and standoffish at times. We are just one big melting pot mess but I mean that in a good way. Like my mom says I am a “organized mess”. My room is always messy but it is proportioned and that is how we are. LOLA

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