“That mixtape market is Triple C’s we claiming that and and owning it”
INTRO: Whats been going on with Triple Cs? What mixtapes did you guys do?YOUNG BREED: We back in the lab. Our album is in stores now “Custom, Car, Cycles”. We are working on the new album. “Custom, Cut, Clarity”. We have “Sticks & Stones” we about to release in a minute. That is the groups whole mixtape that features Gunplay, Torch, and myself. We also have our own mixtapes we are gonna drop. You have Rick Ross about to drop that “Teflon Don” so you know that is definitely about to be a problem.INTRO: I heard that this one is suppose to be better than the last one.

YOUNG BREED: Yeah its got a movie coming out with it.INTRO: Are you in the movie as well?

YOUNG BREED: Yeah! The whole Triple C’s in the movie. I want everyone to check that out. I am going to be about 7ft tall. That is the only time you are going to see me that tall.

INTRO: How did you hook up with Triple C?

YOUNG BREED: Well I was a solo artist here in Miami and I was just putting out street singles. They were catching its buzz all throughout Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas. You know that the whole southern market. Ross noticed me cause I had the streets blazing. The birth of Maybach was 2008-2009 and that is around the time that I got signed to the label. Since then I have been working and grinding. I was in the studio with Gunplay, Torch, and Ross and we were dropping so many hits that they felt that it was time for Triple C to get that new look and that is what we did.

INTRO: What started you to become a rapper?

YOUNG BREED: I always had a love for music. I used to want to be a DJ and scratch the ones and twos every now and then. I have developed a liking for the music so I started writing rhymes and free-styling in high school halls. Everybody in the hood started listening to what mixtapes I put out. I just grew a fan base and kept it pumping from there.

INTRO: The character that you played was it more so like playing yourself?

YOUNG BREED: Yeah! I don’t want to give up to much of the movie but its about stuff that we have been thru. Its one of those classics. It was just some thug shit. I was kinda self portrayed by myself. I wouldn’t mind persuing a career in acting. Yall gonna see whassup.

INTRO: How would you describe yourself as an artist?

YOUNG BREED: I am just a real around the board rapper.

INTRO: What is the feel of the mixtape “Sticks and Stones” that fans can expect?

YOUNG BREED: Its straight hardcore gutta street shit. Its not like other albums. Its just us cutting loose in the studio, rapping, and making music for the streets. We are so much focused on making radio singles. We are giving the streets a lot of freestyling and just hot songs that are bubbling in the clubs. We just gave them the Triple C flow you know what I am saying.

INTRO: As a solo artist did you have any mixtapes that you did?

YOUNG BREED: Yeah we got my “Extortion” series out. I think we up to volume 5 on that. I had “Young Boss, Dollars and Donks”. We have “Project President and Trap Talk” coming soon. That mixtape market is Triple C’s . We we claiming that and and owning it by saturating the mixtape market. That’s for the streets and I feel that is who we need to feed. Those are our consumers, audience, and fans. They love us so I am not going to stop doing it for the mixtape circuit.

INTRO: Is there a particular artist that you would like to work with that you have not worked with yet?

YOUNG BREED: I would like to work with Justin Bieber. On the female side I would like to work with Jazmine Sullivan. She is real talented she does her thing.

INTRO: Do you have any other projects that you are working on?

YOUNG BREED: I have my clothing line called “Uptown Appereal” under You can order our sweat shirts and we also have nice shirts for the ladies. You know I am just pumping my brand right now. We rep so hard that they liked the way that we dressed so we decided to give the public an opportunity to get their hands on it. Its going to be in stores soon. We also have a book deal on the table. We are in the process of working on book tour right now.

INTRO: Is the book an autobiography about yourself?

YOUNG BREED: Its almost like a autobiography. Its about one of my homies that just got out of a federal institution. Its based on a true story vibe. The book is called “Diversity” by Andrea Pearson and its at Barnes and Nobles. The sells of the book have been good and we have been on a few tours for that. We are thinking about doing a movie for the book. Its about a young youth growing up and his uncle was a made man and he got murdered so its up to the nephew to continue on with the family business. Its a real good book and I think that my hood and ghetto niggas can relate to it. It will open up their mind so they can see something new.





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