When God has a plan for you sometimes the devil comes in and tries to mix things up for you. You have to see the bad before you can see the good
INTRO: So tell me about the new album.
SLIM: Yup, well this is what it is its Slim from 112. Actually I have my own label entitled M3 productions. Its under- neath Asylum/Atlantic so the way that I am doing it is that I assigned myself as an artist to my own label. I am doing it the independent way. Basically the al- bum “Loves Crazy” is suppose to come out in September. I have my single “SoFly” featuring Young Joc and Shawty Lo in the remix. Its doing really well. Its in the top 20 across the board. Its do- ing extremely, extremely well. That’s what it is. I didn’t want to do a solo project really but to start up the label faster I knew that I already had a sound/brand and the type of system that they had in Asylum worked for me. I put my stuff just to get things started. I am work- ing on my new artist Die- sel AKA Fresh Money. He also performed with me today. I am getting him groomed. Getting him on the stage so that he can get used to it so I can sit back relax and watch him grow.
INTRO: You didn’t want to do a solo project. Will you be doing another group project or better yet will there be another 112 album?
SLIM: There will definitely be another 112 project. I can say that for sure be- cause I am the CEO.
INTRO: I loved 112! I will admit I didn’t like the way that the last album was promoted. I don’t think that it was promoted properly.
SLIM: Here is the thing the one pro thing about being on Bad Boy. Its a boutique label and when it is a boutique label its not that many artists so that they can concentrate on one particular artist. Puffy is a marketing genius. So of course your gonna see us whether you like it or not. Fortunately for us we made quality music so our fans were there for us thru and thru. Once we left the system and went to another we had to get used to the system. The last album “Pleasure and Pain” went platinum. We have a fan base following.
INTRO: You have a large fan base.
SLIM: Fortunately for us when we drop an album our fans are like “We got you”. We sell the records its just the the hype around it. Some- times we work with the hype and some- times we work without it. We feel that as long as we make great music we can we have the have the outlet to get it out there. We kinda have ourselves 68% out there. That is why I started my own label. Me and Puff are in cahoots right now. He is grooming me to be a young CEO. He hit me up and said that “ I feel you, I am feeling you right. You are making the moves” I reached out and asked him to help me out. We are still boys. He seen me out there working. I didn’t ask him for anything. He came to me and said “I got you”.
INTRO: Tell me a little about Diesel. Who is he?
SLIM: 19 yr old phenomenon. He is probably the best 19 yr old rapper that I never heard. I will go on record with that. You don’t have to baby-sit him. He can really put his words together. He knows how to write songs and put them together. He can work with the younger artists that are out right now. We did a song called “ Freak Bunch” with legends like 8 Ball, MJG, and 36 Mafia. I don’t know many 19 yr old s that can get down like that.
INTRO: He was able to step to the plate.
SLIM: I think I found a diamond in the ruff. I have to give a big shout out to my M3 staff. They really hold me together because I will admit at one particular point in time I was ready to give up. When God has a plan for you sometimes the devil comes in and tries to mix things up for you. You have to see the bad before you can see the good. There were a lot of times where I thought that certain people had my back didn’t. So just going through that over and over again I decided to got to Australia to do some soul searching. I went to Bondi Beach and said to my self what am going to do? I had incredible investments. I was mak- ing a whole lotta money their. However I still had a love for music. I wasn’t sure if I was going to give up music or what. My staff and I were all friends first before we were in business together. That’s why we call ourselves Fam First. They grabbed me and said “listen to yourself. Tell your fans that you don’t want to sing anymore and listen to what they have to say”. So I did it first in Australia. I told the fans that I wasn’t going to sing anymore and they started crying. I had some fans asking me “How could you do that to us”? I had one guy come and ask me that he has been there since the beginning and that my songs helped him through his life why my songs don’t help me through mine. That is why the new album is called “Loves Crazy”. Its like a music type therapy situation. Not only will it help every- body else but it will also help me. You know I said that if this was my last hurrah then I said that I am going to do it my way. Frank Sinatra my way. I said that If I am going to do it then I want to be the CEO. I thank GOD for using his talents through me. special edition 2008


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