“165 shows won in a year and a half, 36,000 single giveaways, 4 shows a night until I was hoarse for a month”
Hailing from Atlanta, GA, J. Harden is the original “King of Hood and Blues.” With a sound that is uniquely his own, his new single “Work Dat Pole,” which pays homage to the women who take their craft seriously, is making quite a few waves. Inspired by Marvin Gaye, Teddy P, BB King, R.Kelly, Prince, and a number of other greats his sound is completely different from what is out today. Bringing originality, power, excitement and a one of a kind stage performance, J. Harden has the ability to make a mark.LOLA SIMS: What makes you different from other new artist that are now coming out?J HARDEN: I do HOOD & BLUES. I don’t have a direction. My direction is whatever comes to heart weather it be motivational, street, inspirational. do what the artist of the past did. I write what I see and just so happen a lot of people can relate to it. For instance work dat pole, Strippers can relate to it and professional pole dances can relate to it. It is art imitates life. Another song is. We fucking , everybody fucks lol. Songs like lifting me up feat. Jadakiss in today’s economy people need to be lifted up spiritually. People don’t understand the state of society shit it’s about more than the bezzeled out necklaces, 32 inch rims and super models. health care is down, houses are foreclosing left and right and instead of bringing our troops home we are sending thousands of them away. So I understand that someone needs to be lifted up!!LOLA SIMS: As an independent, what do you find is one of the biggest challenges you face in trying to get your music out there?

J HARDEN: Finding real people ,that do real shit, to help you accomplish a real goal and what I mean is that you have real people out here like Wendy Day, Bigga Rankin, and list of other DJ’s and promoters that will see you grinding hard and will jump in the game with you. Then you have these other people who just want suck your pockets dry and won’t give a dam if you make it or not.

LOLA SIMS: You had some early success with your 1st single. How do you feel you were able to make such a great first impression without being on radio?

J HARDEN: 165 shows won in a year and a half, 36000 single giveaways, 4 shows a night until I was hoarse for a month, performing in front of 1000 people, 100 people, performing in front of just chairs, loading up my pole by myself on cold winter nights and searching hot summer days riding from town to town trying to prove myself, having pole dancers come and go, having business partners stop believing and parachute out of what they thought was a burning plane and last but not least believing in J Harden and hoping that god would make a way and he did. “Work Dat Pole” has been making money for me and that shit feels awesome.

LOLA SIMS: How do you stay consistent in your genre?

JA HARDEN: Stay grinding and sticking to my single and sound no matter what ” WORK DAT POLE”. and ” THE KING OF HOOD & BLUES!

LOLA SIMS: What are you working on now and when can fans expect to hear more from you?

J HARDEN: I’m Working on taking Work dat pole to radio and letting the masses here it and feel this Hood & Blues. The street album is coming The King Of Hood & Blues!!!



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