Handshakes and Middle Fingers is what Classified is giving

Oh Canada stand tall and proud as we INTROduce Classified. Hip Hop artist Classified has had over 2 million views for his tribute to his beloved Country called “Oh Canada” . Now he brings to you his new 14th album entitled “Handshakes and Middle Fingers”. His first single “That Ain’t Classy” reached #45 on the Canadian Hot 100 and the album debuted at #7 on the Canadian Albums Chart, making it his highest charting album to date.

The album is reminiscent of 90’s hip-hop where hip hop had a more layed back feel. Fourteen albums in and Classified shows that he still has passion for what he does regardless of what others may feel about him as a rapper. He wants you to know that he is going to kill your misconception of him and he is not just talking about his complexion.


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