DATING 101: How a man should dress on the first date

So you have finally asked her out on the date and found the perfect location but what do you wear? Depending on the location depends on the attire. When choosing something to wear you always want to be comfortable but you never want to look like you just woke up out of bed. Besides being freshly shaven and having a fresh hair cut you need to take some time in choosing the right attire as well. White t-shirts and sagging pants are definitely a no, no. You are making your first big impression on this date. How you dress sends the right signals. A man in a suit or dressed business casual gives the impression of a stable man and a provider. Clothing that is to tight or to large symbolizes a man that is not serious about life. Your outfit can still be fun and comfortable.

If you are taking her on an evening dinner date you always want to wear a button down shirt and a nice pair of khakis or dress pants. The button down shirt should not contain large or many patterns on them. The shirt can be worn with or without a tie depending on the location that you have chosen for the date. When choosing a tie you want to choose something that adds the shirt and never choose comical patterns. I you have a difficult time choosing a tie you can always ask your tailor or the sales rep in the men’s department. If you are not wearing a tie then only the two top buttons of the shirt can be undone. Anything more than that gives the signal that you deem yourself a pimp or a gigolo which is a turn off. If you are going on a lunch or movie date a nice golf shirt or you can wear the long sleeve shirt as stated above. Graphic t-shirts are unacceptable. You don’t want her prejudging you based on the phase on your t-shirt.

Suit Jackets are optional depending on the weather you can wear a suit jacket. I would recommend bringing on along just in case you and your date decided to take a walk after wards. You may want to give her the jacket during the walk. The suit jacket should either match or compliment your pants. It does not have to match your shirt. The jacket should not be tight and should be of one solid color. Remember this is a first date and you want your date to be focused on you and not the many colors and patterns that you are wearing. The pants should be either khakis or dress pants. You can wear jeans as long as they are a nice clean pair that does not have any rips in them and please remember that you are wearing a belt (the origin of sagging came from jail). Pants below you butt is not sexy. Shoes should always be a nice pair of dress shoes preferably black or brown. If you are wearing tennis shoes a solid color or minimal colors would be preferred. Colorful dress shoes may be your style however you want to save that for a later date. You don’t want to wear bright color shoes unless you want to come across as a pimp please wear dress socks with dress shoes and not white socks). Accessories include one belt, one watch, and one ring. Necklaces are optional and should be kept at a one necklace minimum. Cologne should be light and not over powering. If you are not a sure what cologne to choose you can always use a classic favorite like Old Spice or you can even try using Axe ladies still like either or.

I hope that some of these tips help you to when you are preparing for your first date. You always want to make a good first impression even if you met and you were not dressed like above. Its always nice for a woman to see that a man has versatility in his style of dress. This makes a woman want to get to know you more.


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15 thoughts on “DATING 101: How a man should dress on the first date”

  1. Anonymous says:

    LOL!!! damn this was funny!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jeans and tennis shoes on a date is only allowed for teenagers.

  3. Anonymous says:

    We should go out on a date…. Lol… Two people with two totally different views… Sounds like a bomb waiting to go off. I see where the problem is in this Convo tho… Some of the things you think are fun I consider a lil up tight… But I can exist in that world. It’s all a matter of if I want to and if we were going on a date to places like that I would get fly for u..

  4. Anonymous says:

    That’s the problem with most men now. You will dress up to wine and dine the chick you just trying to bang for the night but the chick you really like you treat he like the homies on a date. A woman is still a woman all women like to be treated as such regardless of your motives. You can still be yourself in a button down. I feel like this: If you really like me why should I be limited in what we can do and where we can go because you don’t want to put the effort in to look nice for me. I hate wearing a dress but if I go on a “Real Date” I would wear one.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Now don’t get me wrong I know how to put a front for some action if need be but why do that with somebody u really trying to fuck wit… I figure… Be your self… And if you don’t like me for that we shouldn’t even waste our time.

  6. Anonymous says:

    A man dressing up is not putting on a front its called presenting himself nicely on a date. I can’t go to Mortons, Ruth Chris, BOA, or anywhere I really want to go with a man looking like he has been on the basketball court all day because he wants to be comfortable.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ok for example a guy like myself… I know how to get dressed when I have to. But I’m more comfortable dressing down. Unless were going to a wedding or a place that requires one to dress up why the heck would I put on some buttons… Going out on a date should be fun and upbeat… Like u kicking it with a friend not all up tight like a job interview. Now my tee will be clean and it may have designs on it… LOL…j/k. I feel u tho… You want the guy to be presentable when he’s out in public with you. Kinda sound like u want a guy that would put a front up for you.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Well I guy can wear what he is comfortable in when the they are just hanging out but when its a “Real Date” then he should dress up. My father and both my brothers always got dressed up when they took a lady out to dinner. They didn’t wear the same thing they hung out in all day. Why should I lower my standards if that is not how I was taught.

  9. Anonymous says:

    No guy has a white waiting just for a date… But we do wear what we feel comfortable in.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Also I was taught that when you go out on a date you dress up. What guy you know has a white tee and tennis shoes on reserve just for dating? The problem is most people do not date anymore.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I am not talking about what you are wearing when I meet you I am talking about the “First Date”. Why would I want to go on a date with you wearing the same thing I met you in? Why should females take all the time to look good and you just look like you was hanging with the homies?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Miss O, u missed the point… I’m saying you can do all the planning and preparing you want… the guy can dress like u want him to and do all the shyt on yo “check list”…. it might not amount to the guy in jogging pants and tennis shoes, u just met on the humble and ended up going out with… at the end of the day its the connection, the fact that he made you smile… chicks always mess around and miss they blessing waiting on a knight in shining armor when he might already be in front of them… might just need a lil dusting off…

  13. Anonymous says:

    Nothing wrong with high standards, My standards are very high as well.. Men can only respect it or keep it moving.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Well I am old school and that qualifies a date for me. Must be why I am single and celibate. High standards. LOL

  15. Anonymous says:

    yo standards a lil to high… lol… u want a nygga to wear slacks and slippery shoes and shyt… at the end of the day the only thing that matters is if you both enjoyed yourselfs and of course great sex…lol

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