DATING 101: How a woman should dress on the first date

So you have just met someone and you have spent countless hours on the phone getting to know that person and now you are ready for the first date. After you get past the critical part of deciding where to go you now have to figure out what do to wear. The destination always determines what one should wear. Dinner date, lunch date, movie date, or activities planned for the entire day choosing what to wear can’t be an easy task because you want to make a great impression. You want to pick something that you feel comfortable in but not too comfortable.
LADIES WHAT TO WEARIf it is an evening date the females should wear a nice cocktail dress (you should also include a spank with the dress to give that smooth look) that once again is not more than an four inches above the knee. Always wear the correct bra as well. You want a bra that seamless but gives great lift and has great shoulder support (a good bra gives the impression of fertility) the dress can reveal the shoulders but never give too much cleavage. You don’t want to give the wrong impression. As much as men are very visual they are very judge mental as well. If he is taking you to a restaurant and you wear the mini dress with a lot of cleavage you give him the impression that you are loose and that you will probably perform some sexual act for him at the end of the date. When making the right selection for underwear it is very important that you make a selection that fits the dress. When wearing a form fitting dress you want to wear seamless underwear or a thong. Make-up should enhance you facial features so you want to stick to browns, beige, and pinks. The same should be for the lipstick and gloss as well. Men like a woman who does not look like she has on a lot of make up because he likes to envision what he would like to wake up to each morning. If choosing the right color for you is hard take a trip to Sephora. The ladies and gentlemen are always happy to help you with making the right color choices even if you are not purchasing. The purse should be small preferably a clutch purse or small handbag. Heels should not be more than 4 inches. Anything over 6 inches should be saved for the bedroom. If you have purchased new shoes for the date you want to wear them around the house to make sure that you are able to walk in them. A woman with good posture in heels exudes confidence. Jewelry should be kept to a minimum. Ladies you either wear a fashionable watch or a nice bracelet never both. If the top of the dress has a fashionable design no necklace is needed. Small studded earrings are preferred. If you dress is simple in design a great pair of earrings are the only accessory that you need possible a drop or chandelier. Remember you jewelry should always compliment and never out shine. Perfume should be subtle and not over powering. If you do not like perfume than a try a great lotion from Bath and Body works from such as Chinese Cherry Blossom or Twilight. Last but not least we discuss hair. Ladies need to be clean shaven or waxed unless in previous conversation the other party states that he likes hairy women. If you are done like shaving you may want to try waxing (which is not as painful as you may think) or try using a man’s razor because the more blades that it has the more even the cut and less irritation. Hair should be natural or natural looking. If you have a bold color in your hair the color should compliment you skin tone and should not match your dress. No one wants to go out with a clown. If you are not a dress or skirt person black evening pants and a camisole or dressy tank top can work as well. A boot cut pant leg is great along with a great short blazer jacket and a large necklace. The shirt should be fun a flirty but never sheer or low cut tops. Ladies if you have double D’s you can still find a find top that works for you.
If you are going on a lunch date or a movie date the same rules apply as above. The difference with a lunch/movie date is what you wear. You can wear a dress if you like but follow the rules above. A lunch date is little more relaxing. A great pair of khakis with a wide waist can hold in a stomach. If you have a killer pair of calves you want to show off then cropped pants are for you. Never wear a mini skirt or shorts because that gives the wrong impression. Shirts once again should not reveal cleavage. Graphic tees are not appropriate because you don’t want you date to judge you because of what you shirt says (remember we are still in the get to know you stage). Large purses are also a no, no because it can symbolize baggage. No man or woman wants to feel like they are inheriting you problems and insecurities. Small purses symbolize that you have you life in perspective and you know what you like. A great example of a perfect outfit that you can wear to is a great button down shirt with large cuffs with a skinny or boot cut jeans. You can wear a great fitted blazer or feminine jacket. Large prints can be a distraction because you want your date to focus on you and not the large prints that you are wearing and the multi colors you have in your hair.WHAT TO KEEP IN THE SMALL PURSELadies you don’t need to carry your entire life in a purse especially when going on a date. The top six items to carry in your purse are as follows:

1) Make-up compact with a mirror
2) Lip gloss/lipstick
3) Cash and credit
4) Keys
5) Condoms
6) Small compact comb/brush

These are the essential items that you should carry in your purse. I know that you may be wondering why I said carry condoms especially if it’s the first date and you are not planning on taking it to that level. Well I firmly believe that it is better to be safe than sorry. I can’t control how you decide to end the date but if you decide to skip the rest of the courtship and go straight to third base you want to make sure that you are taking care of yourself. But remember that going immediately to third base will not guarantee a second date or a phone call. You can remove yourself as an option as a potential partner and be moved to the hoe list.



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