“We got into Dj-ing real heavily because we wanted to really wanted play our shit”
LMFAO also known as Redfoo and Sky Blu have been getting the party started with their smash hit “I’m In Miami Bitch!”. So how did they get the name LMFAO? “While searching for a name for his Electro/Hip-Hop group, Sky Blu decided to shoot an iChat message to his grandmother with the latest idea, seeking her opinion. “Our new name is gonna be Sexy Dudes…what do you think of that?” Grandma Goodfoot replied, “LMFAO”. The two knew grandma was on to something”. If that is not enough check out the origins for their names. Sky Blu (his given name is Sky and the sky is Blu, after all) and Redfoo (the Red symbolizes his passion, and the fact that he acts a Foo…. in bed). While the tour schedule has stayed packed the duo were able to take the time to get with INTRO.
INTRO: How did you guys end up on Will.I.Am’s label?LMFAO: Well, we grew up with Will and we have been friends for a long time. He was familiar with our project and the internet buzz was pretty crazy so Will called us and said “We should be on his Goddamn label. Black Eyed Peas”. Through a long process we ended up on the label.INTRO: Did you expect the song “I’m in Miami Bitch” to take off the way that it has?LMFAO: Hell Yeah! No! We were surprised at the longevity of the song. We now realize what it is. We have made a classic kind of song for a traveler to Miami and has that feeling of being in paradise. I’m in Miami Bitch! Actually it’s really done way over what we init-ially thought but as we analyze we realize what the song could be. It’s really becoming that great song

INTRO: I know that this song has an electro pop feel. Is this the particular style that we can expect coming from your album?

LMFAO: It has a POP feel but it also has a jazz feel. There are a lot of feels on the album. Its all party but its different types of party. We have B-more on the album. We have songs on the album like “Lil Hipster Girl” that are a little more aggressive. It represents one side of the party. If we are talking club terms Miami is like the dance floor. You got the bathroom that you take the Freakies you know after the drinks. We are building a club. Its part of the layout baby.

INTRO: How long have the two of you been working together?

LMFAO: On this project we have been working together on this project for 3yrs. Well 2yrs. No wait a little over two years but we have always been working together on things. You know hanging out and vibing. We was selling t-shrts before. It was always a hustle.

INTRO: What other artists have you worked with?

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LMFAO: Lil John, Pitbull, Paradiso classic kind of song for a traveler to Miami and has that feeling of being in Girls. Done a lot of remixes. You really don’t get to work with the artists on that. We have also worked wit Eric Deluxe.

INTRO: How did you make the transition from Djs to artist?

LMFAO: We have always been artists. We made the transition from actually we have been artists and producers first. Dj-ing is a way to solicit new music. We got into Dj-ing real heavily because we wanted to really wanted play our shit in the clubs. We didn’t really know that many Djs ourselves we said that we have to do it ourselves. We have to D. I. Y. So we started playing our own music and songs in the same type of lane like electro and we tried to break that sound in the mainstream clubs in Hollywood and thats how we did it you know. It started catching on and we started writing more and more songs about our experiences in the club. We started getting ideas from the blogs. Stuff like that .




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