Cuffin Season Part 2

As you may have noticed, each week is color coded to indicate the level of urgency. Green being the least severe and obviously Red being the most critical. That first weekend in Sept. is a make or break weekend.The summer is coming to an end and there’s at least one more big party/BBQ weekend. Labor Day. You now have the perfect excuse for your 1st ‘date’ like meeting. Invite her out to a BBQ. A party. Beach. Something. Use the holiday to YOUR advantage. Her last big event of the summer ending with you is a plus. No one really wants to hang around the house, so if she doesn’t have plans and you seem sincere, she’s probably going.

Remember it IS a long weekend, no need to be in her face first thing Tuesday. A text to see how she’s doing is cool. No date the following weekend either. Just stick to building up a rapport via conversation. Slow and steady. No need to overdo it unless she’s giving off signs. Plan something the following week. Things go well? Start throwing in Good mornings texts. The rest of the calendar should be rather straight forward.

If you were able to at least loosely follow the steps up until the start of Cuffin Season, you would have had:

1) 2 dates ( The option of a 3rd is possible during the no date week, but that’s based on the signals you’ve been getting. Don’t push.)

2) Went back and forth via text a few times and also sent the infamous “Good Morning” text to which you would have gotten a reply each time.

3) Talked atleast 2x (3x) on the phone with one of them being a long late night cake call. You know the ones. The “Oh shit look at the time. It didn’t even seem like we were talking for so long..” calls.

Congratulations for making it this far. You’re already on the last lap, now its time to secure the win. All that’s left is to make it official. October unlike September, is a very part is open-ended month. Meaning I can’t tell you exactly what to say and when to say it. No two people are the same. This is where judging from all the signals you’ve been getting, you’ll have to figure out exactly when is the most appropriate time.

I will however implore you to do so prior to the heavy #thirstrush. The thirst rush is usually around the time the majority of guys from her past ( Ex’s, current friends, possibly ‘the guy friend’ as well) start getting into their feelings heavily and begin sending those “hey stranger” etc texts and making phone calls professing their love in larger amounts. It begins around the 8th of Oct and concludes towards the end of the month. Be warned, it may start slow, but the colder and later into October we go, the stronger the rush gets.

The most dangerous week falls between October 24th – October 29th. This is known as #MarvinsWeek or #DrakeWeepWeek. Coincidentally, Drake’s “Take Care” album drops October 24th. The sheer amount of Marvin’s room texts will be unimaginable. Your best bet is to wrap this this on a friday / sat. “I really like how things have been going between us. How would you feel if..” You have 3 weekends in which to do so. Pick what works for you. Preferably the weekend before the thirst rush reaches critical levels. If all goes well, you would’ve already sealed the deal and both parties have embraced the Cuff. All those “I miss us” texts from the following #marvinsweek will fall on deaf ears. She’s focused on you and only you. Alright, looks like my jobs done here.

by: Dennis


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  1. Anonymous says:

    “I could live with an arrangement like this if she willing”. How many times do I or was she hit in the head. fr Lee&Harvard.

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