“No offense to Nicki Minaj but I am a deeper artist than that”

Who is the first lady of Grand Hustle? Lady Bola is one half of the Grand Hustle duo Xtaci that is also signed to the label. Lady Bola is stepping out on her own as a solo artist. You can catch her new video with label mate Young LA. INTRO caught up with Bola as she was getting her Cheesecake Factory on.

INTRO: How did you become the first lady of Grand Hustle?

BOLA: I hailed from a group called Xtaci. We were doing our thing for a minute. I am branching off doing my own thing while she is on down time. We been knowing T.I. and the family before it was Grand Hustle. They hadn’t even thought of the name yet but it was all a blessing really to get the family together since 1999-2000 and you this where I am at now. Stay down stay loyal so I am the first lady.

INTRO: Female Mc are very few. Right now they are really only talking about Nicki Minaj. What will you do as a female artist. Will you change the game?

Lady Bola: Oh yeah! I feel that the Foxy, Lil Kim and the Eve were different. They each brought a lot to the game. I feel like I have to bring a different vibe to the game (it has been a challenge for me). There has already been a Lil Kim. As a woman you have to bring something different to the table. I feel like I have the best of both artists. No offense to Nicki Minaj but I am a deeper artist than that. I talk about a lot of different things. I do music for different reasons than many other artists. I want people to feel my music. Being a different type of artist breaks down doors for us and shows that there are different types of female artists. We have so much more to talk about.

INTRO: I understand that you have been rapping since the age of 15. Who are some of your influences?

Lady Bola: I am influenced by Pac, Outkast, Nas, and T.I.P. I am really influenced by real rappers. As far as females I am influence by Salt ‘N’ Pepa, Eve and a lot of old school artists. I love all types of music.

INTRO: Where do you see yourself in two years?

Lady Bola: I see myself taking it to the next level, personally as far as what I put on record. I can see growth. I have a lot of goals.




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