Machine Gun Kelly Interview from the 2008 Red Carpet issue.

DjQuest95: We are standing here with Cleveland artist Machine Gun Kelly. Please tell our readers what you are nominated for.
Machine Gun Kelly: I am nominated for best new artist and best live performance.
DjQuest95: Man that is hot. How are you just going to come on the scene and get both best new artist and best live performer. So tell me about the new project?
Machine Gun Kelly: The new project is called “Stamp of Approval” mixtape coming out October 12th and we have a release party at Peabody’s. You know we have to do it all ages. We have Lazy Bone and a couple other people that I am not going to reveal right now. You know its hot!.
DjQuest95: You have alot of special stuff going on. (Sly from the back mentions ChipThe Ripper) You have Cleveland’s own representing on your mixtape. Let me ask you a serious question right now about the status and presence of hip-hop right versus rap or is hip hop and rap the same thing or do you feel there is a difference with one leading the other or vice versa?
Machine Gun Kelly: Hip-Hop is something that you listen to. Rap is something that you just hear. I am just trying to make good music to listen to. You know what I mean.
DjQuest95: Alright.
Machine Gun Kelly: As far as what the state it is in I am not to sure. I am not sure of the difference. It is obvious that there is a difference between rap and hip hop but to distinguish between the both I would not know. I just make music. Whether it is hip-hop or rap I really don’t give a fuck. You know all about Machine Gun Kelly right now.


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