Can a man and woman be friends without having sex? Many people find this scenario hard to believe but yes they can. A man and a woman can be friends as long as they don’t cross that boundary line. Now I am not saying that they can’t be attracted to each other. They can either share a single attraction or a mutual attraction in the relationship. Sex can either make or break the relationship because they not only know that person’s hopes and fears but they now know that person up close and personal along with their desires. That alone can kill a relationship because how can you look at that person the same. Can you really feel comfortable looking your friend in the eye as they talk about someone new that they really like or hear about a recent sexual experience? Now if you were in a previous relationship and parted ways on good terms you can still only be friends as long as you two do not cross that line. Now if your ex was great in bed and you two are now just friends it may be hard to stay in the friend zone so you have to make a decision on whether or not you can still stay friends. If you still want to be friends you may have to be strong and be able to not give into temptation should it arrive.

Most people do not approve of male and female relationships based on their own personal experience. If you sleep with all your friends then it will be hard for you to believe otherwise. A man should always have one good female friend and vice versa. This is so that they can have someone to confide in when they are either dating or in relationships. For example if a man solely depends on his male friends on how to treat a woman or what a woman likes then he can be totally lost on how to treat the right woman when she comes along and vice versa.


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