Secret Kisses Lipsticks vs Keyshia Dior’s Ka’ Oir Lipstick

  While surfing the net I recently came across an article on where she talked about how model and recently turned business woman Keyshia Dior stole the idea for her new cosmetics line Ka’oir. This is what was listed on the site:
I normally don’t bother blogging about anything video model related. For one, it’s a celebrity entertainment blog. Two, I’m not on staff at MTO. And three, there’s usually never any real interesting stories about them until now.
A few months back, I heard through the beauty blogger grapevine that model, Keyshia Dior (who has been associated with Gucci Mane), was starting her own line of colorful lipsticks called Secret Kisses. I always have love for people who choose to branch out from the norm and make other career moves that don’t involve being the baby mama of somebody famous. But not too long after those whispers started, a few beauty bloggers reported back and said that anytime any efforts were made to reach out to Keyshia to inquire about the line, she’d either ignore them or give attitude.
Fast forward to present day….
On the outside looking it in, it seems that one day, Keyshia was steady promoting the brand and then poof, nothing.
Secret Kisses Lipstick went into a partnership with Keyshia Dior in August 2010 but by June 2011, Keyshia disassociated herself from the line, only for the company (who is majority owned by Ronell ‘Big Gates’ Levatte), to later find out that she not only started her own brand (“Ka’oir) using the same manufacturer as them but she also made claims that they stole her idea and company.
And now she’s being sued for breach of contract (there’s usually a non-compete agreement included in endorsement and/or partnership contracts). Additionally, the complaint (which can be seen HERE) alleges that Keyshia slandered the Secret Kisses brand via Twitter & email. She also (allegedly) stole money from the company.

Defendant (Keyshia Dior) established a website known as and began wronfully diverting Plaintiffs’ existing and potential customers away from Plaintiffs’ website by falsely representing on numerous internet websites that, inter alia, ‘authentic Secret Kisses Lipstick products were no longer available through Plaintiffs’ website and were only available through defendents’ website.

According to the case file, Keyshia also advised fans that if they made any purchases through Secret Kisses, they should automatically dispute them through paypal, as the website/product was fraudulent. She also (allegedly) stated that the Secret Kisses website was illegally selling bootleg copies of the Keyshia Dior brand.
Again, if you have a moment, click HERE to read the case in full; the sh*t really reads like a book. I can’t do anything but shake my head.
This is the primary reason why it’s very hard for me to trust anyone, business wise. The problem is that when money begins to come into the picture (with several hands in the pot), people get greedy as hell and begin losing their mind. They oftentimes forget that there’s a partnership and start thinking about the me factor.
What do you guys think of this?INTRO Interviews Keyshia Dior
Check out the video where video talks about her career.


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