Dating 101: Natural Makeup Application

When going on a first date finding something to wear can be very stressful. If you have already read “Dating 101 What to Wear” you already have an idea. After you have spent time finding the perfect outfit you now have to worry about your make up. Do you go with a Smokey eye or a bold lip? Did you choose the correct foundation or should you even wear foundation at all.  Did you ever think about going out with a natural look? Yes I said a natural look.  You don’t need a dramatic look when going on a date (let us save that for the club). Most men want to see a woman with a natural look this way they can get an idea of what they can potential wake up to each morning. Make up should enhance your look not make you into an entirely new woman.

If you have never worn or applied make up yourself it is actually easier than you think. The first thing that you do not want to do is go to your local drug store and attempt to find your color. There are too many brands shades. You will either choose the wrong shade or you will lose any motivation that you had because you are frustrated. You can always visit the mall and talk to the make-up artists at the make-up counters. I love the MAC counter because no matter what state or country I am in the make-up artists are always ready and willing to give a consultation. You can also visit Sephora as they also have artists that are ready to help and some locations will even show you how to apply make-up. Once you have found your shade you want to make sure you right down the info or ask your consultant for a card with the list of products that they used for your makeover.  Now practice makes perfect so you want to practice applying the makeup yourself.  If you are still a little hesitant check out the tutorial from MrsRoshPosh on creating a flawless foundation routine.


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Products Used

MAC Fix plus spray
Nivea Soft for Face, Body and hands
Foundation – Mac face and Body C6 Makeupforever HD 173
Concealer MAC studio Finish NC42
Ben Nye Banana powder
MAC Mineralize skin finish Natural – Dark
Blush Dessert Rose by Mac
Extra dimension skin Highlight by MAC (Whisper of Guilt by Mac ) Limited product
Bronzer Refined Golden by MAC
Lashes by Ilashes sorry Guys I can’t remember the # of the lashes 🙁
Brow pencil Spike by MAC

Swiss chocolate eye shadow by MAC matte finish
Embark eye shadow by Mac matte finish
Gel liner by L’Oreal infallible 24hr black
Mascara by Rimmel Scandal eyes
Lips mauve it over by Revlon

All the products used in this tutorial was purchased by MrsRoshPosh.

This is not a sponsored video Music Royalty free music…


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