Reinventing the legendary Roger Dubuis skeleton aesthetic

An acknowledged pioneer in the field of contemporary skeleton calibres, notably with its groundbreaking signature Double Tourbillon Skeleton calibre, the Manufacture Roger Dubuis invites visitors to the SIHH 2015 to step into its incredible universe of architectural and technical mechanics. Transposing the ultra-miniaturised scale of its iconic skeleton movement into a monumental structure embodying the quintessence of the Maison is exactly the kind of challenge that its Creative Director Alvaro Maggini thrives on. Ask him how he would best describe the new booth, and this incorrigible enthusiast naturally evokes a variety of vivid metaphors, among which the predominant ones are resolutely celestial. “People entering the Roger Dubuis world at the SIHH 2015 will feel as if they are being drawn into a mesmerising constellation where they will be given a unique opportunity to grasp the mysteries of the Roger Dubuis ‘stars’: its skeleton calibres. They will experience a sense of being allowed to glimpse exceptional secrets with an undeniably cosmic dimension as they witness the opening and closing of an ‘eye’ that at once protects the Manufacture while paradoxically revealing its mechanical enigmas…”


Reaching for the horological stars
This year, embracing the incredible world of Roger Dubuis could also be compared to entering an enchanted, legendary Arthurian forest with spreading branches subtly evoking the world of the Excalibur line which will be firmly in the spotlight in 2015; about discovering an extraordinary tentacular creature as if released from its cage; a UFO that has alighted on the watchmaking planet with a mission to draw the gaze upwards and outwards across the vast expanses of horological space…

Everything about this unique stage-setting is an invitation to revel in the poetry of the senses. The play on shapes and colours, on the materials with a variety of finishes and textures, both reflects and transcends the beauty of mechanical complexity.

Roger Dubuis invites all those wishing to discover this concept to attend the official unveiling of its 2015 SIHH booth on the opening day of the SIHH, January 19th 2015 at 9.00 a.m.


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