MORGOTH To Release Ungod

On April 7th, MORGOTH – one of the earliest and most important German death metal bands – will release their new album, Ungod, in North America via Century Media Records.

Ungod was recorded, mixed and mastered in November and December 2014 by Jörn Michutta and Matthias Klinkmann at Sound Division Tonstudio in the band’s initial home-area of Sauerland, Germany, after having successfully tested the studio for the God Is Evil EP. Following the dynamic overture piece “House Of Blood”, the rhythmical energy of the opening “Voice Of Slumber” and the relentless heaviness of “Snakestate” and “Black Enemy”, the album continues both a merciless and yet extremely diverse path with the up-tempo of “Descent Into Hell” as well as a first epic intermezzo with the album’s instrumental title track “Ungod” closing off the first chapter. Things pick up steam again with the catchy brutality of “Nemesis” and the title-track of the preceding EP, “God Is Evil”, before reaching another furious cornerstone with “Traitor”. The album’s ending section showcases the versatile and grooving “Prison In Flesh”, which carries over into an atmospheric final instrumental-piece dubbed “The Dark Sleep”. Behold the arrival of theUngod!

For a preview of Ungod, be sure to check out the previously released track, “Black Enemy”:



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